Our studio provides a full range of professional architectural and interior design services, as well as furniture manufacturing (individual sketch) construction and personalor remote maintenance of turnkey projects in any part of the world.

Properly compiled budget is a guarantee that the completed project meets the original plan, without replacements of purchased products during construction

Our price-list

Layout concept


Schematic design - 25$/m2
Design project - from 50$/m2


Schematic design - 30$/m2
Complete design project - from 60$/m2
Spaces of commercial use - from 45$/m2

Composition of detailed estimate - 25$/m2
Procurement - 10% of the estimate
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This helps to save nerves and shorten the time for the selection and purchase of the necessary finishing materials, furniture, equipment and decor; ensure their timely delivery to the facility and streamline repair costs.
We cooperate with a large number of reliable suppliers and contractors, that provide a flexible discount system for our customers

Designer's supervision

The exact cost of the designer's supervision depends on the area of the object, the number of necessary visits of the object, the geographical location of the facility, the complexity of the project and a number of other factors.
On average, it costs no more than 15% of the design project cost for a month of work.

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* given prices are indicative, as the design can not be measured by square meters, hours or kilograms.
* Each project is calculated individually at the stage of the technical task development.

Thanks to individual approach to every project, we create unique and outstanding concepts

We can offer you our highly qualified construction crews or work with your specialists