10 Adorable Mid Century Fireplace Mantel Design Ideas

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Adding a mid-century modern fireplace and mantel is an easy way to bring the undeniable timeless appeal of mid-century modern design into your home. These three inspirational mid-century modern fireplace and mantel designs are proof of how easy it is to achieve a mid-century modern look. A mid-century modern electric fireplace is another great choice if you want your home to look retro. A mid-century modern electric fireplace may have a large hearth, natural wood fireplace, or triangular legs.

Electric fireplaces are one of the most modern features to be found in homes thanks to their cutting edge technology. With the development of technology in electric fireplaces, their style and design have also become more modern in recent years. The products are a more traditional and modern way to heat a home and create a beautiful glow. Preway fireplaces are bestsellers due to their unique looks, but they run on wood or gas.

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Modern Danish fireplaces also have clean lines and a minimalist look, proving that less is more. The frame and mantelpiece of many fireplaces are now adorned with mauve materials. Mantel materials should complement the fireplace wall and match the style of your living room.

10 Adorable Mid Century Fireplace Mantel Design Ideas 02

Your mantel should also be set appropriately, far enough from the hearth hole to avoid flames and heat, but close enough to complete this wood burning fireplace. This surrounding fireplace looks like a contrast to the stone here, especially in comparison to the red wall above this tiled fireplace. The crisp white mantel looks brighter than the beige walls surrounding it, making this wood burning fireplace the focal point of this contemporary living room.

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In this modern living room, a stone fireplace like this wood-burning fireplace gives the perfect mid-century look. A fireplace surrounded by natural gray stone like this always creates a mid-century look, especially if the fireplace is wood-burning. Although this wood-burning fireplace is made of marble, the lines and structure of this fireplace feel classic and are perfect for mid-century style.

The beige faux stones are paired with a wooden shelf, which is a natural element often associated with mid-century style. The mantel has various designs that can accompany any piece of art or decoration.

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What makes this wood burning fireplace even more modern is that it is lit by a pair of ceiling lights. Hey, we have his 1957 ranch with a wooden shelf that runs the entire length over the hearth. With our Manhattan Stone Fireplace with clean lines and contemporary design, this fireplace is sure to be the focal point of the room.

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This stylish Stardust electric fireplace combined with improved and realistic wood inserts will make your home feel like a real fireplace without the need to maintain it. This elegant Stardust electric fireplace can be used with or without heating, so you can enjoy the fireplace ambience all year round. Fortunately, it is possible to install wood inserts in older fireplaces, making them modern and energy efficient. If it’s designed for outdoor use, you can install a wall-mounted electric fireplace in your outdoor living space.

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Most of us have a TV and most of us have no choice but to place it above the fireplace. While researching for this post, I found a lot of “camouflage” options like placing doors in the front, or hanging a picture above it with some kind of shadow box behind it, but if you just want to be real and live with your own TV on display, but you also want to have a beautiful fireplace/fireplace, hope this helps.

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If you can get hold of an antique white plaster bust that matches your mantel, it will definitely complete the look. We’ve thought about things like starfall or a mirror above the mantel, but we love the rust, salmon, and brick red stone that make up the fireplace so much that we can’t hide the rust. Crimson copper creates a mid-century look, while crisp white finishes add contemporary style. The rich, romantic vibe of contemporary Victorian style (which the EHD team originally brought to you along with all the equipment described in this post) is something we couldn’t resist creating a style around the fireplace.

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Many mid-century homes feature floor-to-ceiling brick fireplaces, often in muddy, unattractive colors that just don’t fit in with today’s brighter, crisper color palettes. You can enjoy a light wood fireplace for a modern, light and airy design. It’s easy to find stylish vintage fireplaces in our massive Urban Americana warehouse that will bring warmth, color and style to your favorite space.

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Our basic formula here was lighting, focus, mantel decor, fireplace accessories, textiles where applicable, and a place to sit in front of the fire. Long before the holidays arrived, and before Christmas tree decorations began (and even before speeches began to go up to the attic), the fireplace was given special attention. As you can see, the living room is the most common place to install an MCM fireplace in a home, but sometimes you may see it in the dining room or bedroom.

Sonya Tillman of Cherokee Brick says, “Brick’s best advantage is that it’s timeless: the brick fireplace is a classic. MagikFlame offers a variety of modern fireplaces for various types of spaces. Electric fireplaces were not yet used in residential homes, as most people still relied on wood-burning stoves to keep warm.

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