10 Adorable Modern Bathroom With Wood Accents

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10 Adorable Modern Bathroom With Wood Accents 05

Imitation wood tile designs or reclaimed wood accents offer great ways to add appeal to a modern bathroom. If you’re looking for a way to add visual interest to your contemporary bathroom, try modern wood-paneled bathroom cabinets, large or small, for an unexpected touch that can do wonders for your décor.

Adding wood accents to a sleek, cool color scheme is a brilliant way to add texture and interest to a modern bathroom without compromising its minimalist look. Choosing modern bathroom furniture with wood accents is another great way to add: in a rather industrial style, the use of natural material is quite attractive. Since gray and monochromatic schemes are often favored for more modern bathrooms, choosing an accent feature is a great idea for a modern bathroom as it adds color and interest to the room.

10 Adorable Modern Bathroom With Wood Accents 01

The alternating tile pattern in this bathroom adds an accent that opens up the space. This bathroom uses its space to enhance its more luxurious design, such as deep patterned walls and elegant vanities. The variable height makes this bathroom look contemporary while helping the space feel larger. This bathroom makes good use of space and helps create a cozy feel with wood paneling on the floor and clean white walls.

10 Adorable Modern Bathroom With Wood Accents 02

This bathroom uses a muted color palette of powder blue walls to beautifully accentuate white sinks and tiled floors. The blue tile accent around this bathroom brings color to the space, making this bathroom elegant with a retro touch. This minimalist bathroom looks exotic and interesting with blue light fixtures and a bath rug.

10 Adorable Modern Bathroom With Wood Accents 03

A wall with blue and gold mosaic tile accents creates a vibrant mood of color in this all-white bathroom and contrasts beautifully with the comfy fuchsia fluffy armchair on the side. Black and gold mosaic tiles are used on the walls of this modern master bathroom, while the tile edges and floors are painted in a more neutral off-white.

This all-white bathroom features light wood floor tiles and is completed by a semi-hexagonal area with three reversible windows with white roller blinds framing an oval travertine bathtub. This ultra-modern gray and white master bathroom features polished concrete floors with concrete panels.

10 Adorable Modern Bathroom With Wood Accents 04

This beautiful bathroom in a transitional modern style is decorated in a warm cream color scheme with a white tub and sink, dark wood furniture and matching shutters on the windows and doors. The modern design bathroom features dark Emperador stone walls paired with light gray stone tiles on the floor and countertops. With a pair of recessed mirrors and sinks, the countertop also features a light wood laminate hanging shelf, adding warmth to this all-white bathroom.

10 Adorable Modern Bathroom With Wood Accents 05

With wooden elements such as the sink and mirror, this bathroom creates a modern design look with the right choice of color and wood accents. With minimal black accents, white lighting and bright flooring, this bathroom doesn’t feel cramped or messy. An attractive wood-panelled sink, warm lighting and wood and stone effect tiles make the bathroom feel like a spa getaway.

10 Adorable Modern Bathroom With Wood Accents 06

This modern boho bathroom features peach cabinets and white subway tiles with black grout. Black subway tiles with a unique pattern make a great accent wall in the bathroom, pairing perfectly with the white vanity and gold accents. This modern master bathroom also features warm grey tiles on the herringbone walls. This modern master bathroom features light cream stone floors, white walls, grey stone countertops and a white sink with wood furniture.

10 Adorable Modern Bathroom With Wood Accents 07

This all-white bathroom features an oval travertine tub and a pair of Edison lamps built into it. The rest of this all-white bathroom has grey stone tile floors and white walls, except for the sink countertop, which has a white butchery tile floor and grey linear mosaic tile walls. Davey McEathron Architecture designed the bathroom, which includes a simple palette of white, grey and wood with golden tones.

A wood paneled bathroom is a very elegant solution that suits many styles and here you don’t have to cover the whole space, you can choose an accent wall, some walls in the shower area or a sink. If you’re looking to add the right texture to a wood-walled bathroom, your best bet is to opt for intricate natural wood patterns and build a beautiful accent wall.

10 Adorable Modern Bathroom With Wood Accents 08

Once you’ve designed your perfect bathroom, you can complement it with a coastal style wood paneling idea. You can opt for a creative quality by adding the perfect piece designed to complement your bathroom, in this case a dark wood bench.

You can go as eclectic as this bathroom accent wall, or add wood paneling to the wall, or put on removable wallpaper to add some flair. You can create an accent wall above the bathtub or add original wooden pieces to enhance the bathroom’s contemporary style or add a touch of masculinity. If you are interested in decorating your bathroom walls with wood, you can choose a wood tile bathroom design.

10 Adorable Modern Bathroom With Wood Accents 09

You can opt for darker finishes like matte black and charcoal gray to make the overall bathroom space look ultra-modern. If you’re remodeling a small bathroom, choosing white or light gray panels will create the illusion of light and space, making the space more inviting. You can mix in dark woods to balance cool tones, or add accents with bright colors like a patterned shower curtain and colorful towels to spice up your bathroom. You can freshen up your entire bathroom, including floors, furniture, walls and mirror frames, in this easier and cheaper way using wood.

Pearl white subway tile mounted on the wall, vintage ivory vanity and pigment-free furniture can really make a white bathroom sparkle and shine. Parquet flooring is a great start, as it already gives the room a warm feel and brings balance to an all-white bathroom.