10 Amazing Modern Split Level House Interior

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Closely related to duplex houses, duplex houses have a single entrance level and tiered living and sleeping areas, which is why they are sometimes referred to as three-level houses. Unlike a one-level ranch, two-level houses have a more innovative design, in which the floor levels are offset, creating two levels of living space in one part of the house. A cousin of the ranch house, the house’s two-level floor plan has three levels of living space on one floor, allowing for economical use of the building lot. Influenced by prairies and ranches, as well as later modern architectural styles, two-level floor plans include a two-story section connected to a one-story section located half a floor in the middle.

The two-level stacked home also has a basement or regular living room, then a kitchen and dining room, and then bedrooms located upstairs. The location of the family room, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms and bathrooms may vary in homes with separate entrances. The top floor usually has higher ceilings and includes the main areas such as the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, dining room and living room.

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Because the kitchen, dining room and living room are on the first level, family members have to go up and down stairs every time they want to use a different part of the house. The living room has access to a high staircase so people can go down to the kitchen or go up to the upper level. A traditional style staircase is installed between the two white walls, connecting the upper and lower levels, upper and lower levels.

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Then there is usually a family room and possibly an additional bedroom downstairs or in the basement. According to the designer, the rest of the living spaces are placed on a raised platform, and the lower level of this room is physically isolated from the family rooms, kitchen and dining room above. Typical of a duplex home or raised ranch, there are 3 bedrooms, a full bathroom on the main level, and a kitchen, dining and living area.

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From this entrance area two short staircases depart; one leads to the upper floor with bedrooms and bathrooms, the other descends to the finished basement, which can be used for various purposes such as a home office, gym, office or games room. A typical project includes two flights of stairs leading up and down, one to the main living area and the other to the basement, most of which are completed. The house will have many flights of stairs, or in some cases only a couple of steps, but the entrance is usually on the ground floor.

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Once you enter the front door, which is on the first floor, you will see a flight of stairs leading up (usually to the kitchen and bedrooms) and one down (usually containing the garage, game room, office space, and game rooms). In a standard split, the front door opens onto a landing between the main and upper levels, connected by a half-stair. In many modern homes with divided foyers, the lower level is level, requiring an external staircase to reach the front door.

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Unlike standard detached houses, divided foyer houses do not have a functioning middle level. Many modern homes with divided foyers often have very high ceilings at the lower level to accommodate the HVAC ducts. This is an area where split levels shine, because you can set up a home office in the spare bedroom upstairs or downstairs (unless the games room is a constant source of noise); in any case, you will have a buffer from the noise that usually occurs at the main level.

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On a one-story ranch, for example, it’s fairly easy to rearrange bedrooms and kitchens from side to side, but on a two-story ranch, each level was built with a predetermined purpose: relaxation on the lower level. eating and entertaining on the main level and sleeping on the upper level leaving very little room for changing. This staggered layout is usually not optimal for the elderly, so two-level houses (like standard two-story houses) are best suited for younger families who don’t mind going through all three levels multiple times when cleaning, moving. laundry baskets (usually to appliances at the lowest level) and simply look for other family members elsewhere in the room.

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Having one type of flooring, such as tile, in a split-level kitchen, and then switching to another type of flooring outside of the kitchen, such as carpet, will be a subtle way of separating the different areas of the home. Once you tear down the wall, you may need a significant separation between the kitchen and the rest of the house, a kitchen island can be a great way to do this. The other half of A is the main living area, part of the floor above garage level and part of the floor below bedroom level.

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The common features of a two-level house are low roofs, built-in garages, large living areas, multiple attics with storage space, double-sided windows with a large bay window, the use of minimal decor and natural materials. Duplex houses also tend to be ranch-style houses, albeit modified for their unique two-level design.

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In a ranch-style house, all rooms are on the same floor, although bedrooms and bathrooms are usually built in a separate “wing” of L-shaped or U-shaped houses. Each room is easily accessible from anywhere in the house, but everything has its place even in open loft-style architecture. A common variation is the split foyer or raised ranch floor plan, which is essentially a raised ranch floor plan on a partially buried basement with a stairwell entry between the two levels.

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