10 Stunning Blue and Gold Bedroom Ideas

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A distressed painted blue and gold bedroom ideas with vintage accents gives your bedroom a rustic look. Add a touch of glamour to your blue bedroom by decorating the chest of drawers with gold accents. Find patterned fabrics you like and use them as wall accents in your blue bedroom. Add more color to your blue bedroom by mixing blue and green throw pillows.

Incorporate red as an accent color to brighten up a blue bedroom with throw pillows and furniture. Decorate your bedroom with blue and white decorations as an accent color.

10 Stunning Blue and Gold Bedroom Ideas 01

Use the colors of your favorite paintings as inspiration for your blue and gold bedroom ideas. Give your bedroom a nautical vibe by going with a navy blue color scheme and decorating it with pillows with a classic anchor and stripe pattern. Pair patterned wallpaper with plain throws and decor to create balance in a blue bedroom.

10 Stunning Blue and Gold Bedroom Ideas 02

When decorating blue walls, a new coat of paint in deeper colors can transform an all-white space into a blue and gold bedroom ideas, perfect for relaxing at the end. Make a statement by painting your closet a navy blue to create a bold contrast against the blue and white patterned walls. Turn your bedroom into an art gallery by decorating the walls with abstract paintings in vibrant gold frames.

10 Stunning Blue and Gold Bedroom Ideas 03

Create a calm and relaxing bedroom with light blue walls and neutral tones. Thinking of your bedroom ceiling as a fifth wall and painting it a deep blue will make you feel enveloped in a calm and peaceful retreat. If you have a small bedroom, don’t feel like you have to stick to light blue. When choosing a blue hue for any room, it’s a good idea to paint a section of the wall to see how the color looks during the day and night.

10 Stunning Blue and Gold Bedroom Ideas 04

If you want to create a blue and gold bedroom ideas, don’t limit yourself to walls, bring blue to your room with blue patterned curtains, pillows and a duvet. While most blue and gold rooms tend to rely heavily on blue and use gold as a subtle accent, this beautiful traditional bedroom takes the opposite approach.

A minimal accent of gold wall décor instantly brightens up the room and softens the pattern, contrasting with the harsh stripes on the wall behind it. Mirror accents on the walls and gold decorative chandeliers give this bedroom a touch of sophistication and quirkiness. Stacks of bedding and silk curtains combine with comfort in this master bedroom idea.

10 Stunning Blue and Gold Bedroom Ideas 05

The navy blue curtains and headboard quilt contrast beautifully against the white walls and linens, giving this charming little room a little more visual interest. This cozy bedroom features a simple and symmetrical design scheme with soft navy blue bedding contrasting with yellow bedding.

Keeping all the yellow accents makes this adorable nursery more vibrant and energetic, contrasting with the navy blue linens. There is a smart balance of blue and gold bedroom ideas, and dark gray helps to balance the pattern.

10 Stunning Blue and Gold Bedroom Ideas 06

In this fun and upbeat bedroom, golden tones complement blue and contrast with the wood headboard and other furniture for an eclectic, casual vibe. This royal bedroom gives a royal impression with muted pale blue walls and lots of gold accents. The designers of this beautiful luxury bedroom chose an almost black dark navy that contrasts nicely with the gold details on the bedding and decorative accessories.

10 Stunning Blue and Gold Bedroom Ideas 07

Pastel blue walls and white moldings provide the perfect backdrop for the touches of lime blue and lime green in the furniture, while the curtains are another gorgeous color duo of blue and brown, as in this contemporary and elegant bedroom designed by George Westerman Interiors. Light up a navy blue bedroom with white furniture like this rustic closet. For a more delicate bedroom, pair deep indigo blue with purplish blue, adding textured wood and plenty of soft fabrics for a comfortable, lived-in look.

10 Stunning Blue and Gold Bedroom Ideas 08

A chic blush paired with a black and white polka dot print highlights this white and gold room in the example below, creating a unique femininity in a white and gold bedroom. The bright plum shade in the example below is the perfect companion for a white and gold bedroom. In the example below, a Christmas tree decorated with gold adds brightness and gold accents to this predominantly white bedroom. The blue and gold bedroom ideas is accented with hints of black and dark brown, and the natural colors provided by ornamental plants in the corners of the room give it a youthful and homey feel.

10 Stunning Blue and Gold Bedroom Ideas 09

You can opt for blue in a variety of tones to dominate the decoration and design of the room, then place some gold accents that can bring reality. A navy blue and gold bedroom design is a good idea if you’ve always been interested in blue but want a touch of royalty.

If you’re free-spirited and want to bring a lot of different ideas to your bedroom, navy blue and gold can be used along with other popular colors to tame them and prevent the bedroom from looking sloppy. If you’re using bright colors like hot pink, mustard for bedding or wall decoration, opt for navy blue and gold pieces to anchor bright colors like hot pink.

Let’s see how you can incorporate this blue and gold bedroom ideas. If you don’t like painting an entire room blue and don’t even need an entire wall, you can cleverly introduce color and paint your structure, such as a fireplace or door frame, in this gorgeous and rich green. If you have high ceilings and/or large windows that let in a lot of light, you can dare to paint the walls in navy blue and add modern accents in pale pink or gray.

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