10 Stylish White Kitchen With Blue Accents

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If you’re looking to add some blue to a predominantly white kitchen, painting the interior of the glass cabinets is sure to add visual interest and character to any kitchen. You can get more creative when it comes to adding blue accents to your kitchen. Here are some ideas showing how to incorporate different colors into your blue and white kitchen. From pretty blue kitchen cabinets with dazzling gold handles to walls with bright blue and almost turquoise tones, there are no shortage of ways to use blue in your home.

From deep navy blues to vibrant sky blues, there’s blue that’s sure to complement your current white kitchen perfectly. Since blue is directly associated with the sky, painting your ceiling a soft, light shade of blue that mimics the sky is a great way to introduce this color into your kitchen. Painting your kitchen island and furniture a shade of blue is another way to use this versatile color in your kitchen space. You can also add some pieces of blue kitchen furniture to match the contrasting colors of the cabinet.

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Because bright blue cabinets are added to kitchen corners and nowhere else, the bright color balances the overall design and feel. Paired with white kitchen cabinets, stunning floors and a gold backsplash, pastel blue cabinets seem to provide the perfect amount of color, richness and drama in this beautiful blue kitchen. Navy blue kitchen cabinets paired with regular subway tiles and white grout provide a nice contrast to the navy blue in this clean kitchen.

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These blue and white kitchens provide a lot of inspiration beyond the beautiful color palette. Pictured above is a cozy rustic kitchen in a pastel white and blue color scheme. Any kitchen, from classic white spaces to dramatic black rooms, looks brighter and more inviting with bold color.

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Painting your kitchen walls blue and using white cabinetry is a great way to give your kitchen a pop of color and make it pop. Small white kitchens especially benefit from the use of a lot of light colors in the design, which open up the space and make it larger. If you don’t necessarily want to create an eye-catching focal point in your white kitchen space, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a way to add a blue tint without ruining the airy vibe. The green and white melange fabric creates an interesting, impressive feel and is great even if you’re wondering how to make a small kitchen look bigger, especially if the countertops are light in color.

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However, the kitchen island’s bar counter is painted pale blue and uses a solid white countertop surface for a seamless countertop. While the main cabinets are white and clad in black granite, the kitchen island paints the base cabinet in a unique marian blue hue and is paired with thick teak solid slabs, adding a rustic element to the kitchen area. The image above shows a stunning transitional style kitchen with all white main cabinets with gray hard top and white back tile, and a huge kitchen island with blue paneled steel cabinet base and white marble top. To update it, your classic paneled cabinets have been repainted white and the large kitchen countertop has been painted a bright blue, giving it a refreshing new look that pairs perfectly with the marble countertop and stainless steel lamps.

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The glossy sheen of polished white stone against a backdrop of two colors – white and blue – makes the kitchen spacious and at the same time gives the space a modern and elegant look. Gray and white are also combined in these marble island kitchens, creating a bold impression right at the center of the kitchen. Kitchen tile details matter here. Another key addition here are the textured white tiles; they add a nice tactile feel that gives this stunning Neptune kitchen an extra touch of style.

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This traditionally styled white kitchen uses blue and white mosaic tiles to mix the colors into a cohesive design. The champagne metal in this crafted blue kitchen shines against the bright blue lower cabinets, smooth white stone and white upper cabinets. A blue kitchen can be bold with bright blues and bright colors, or it can be softened by a mix of darker, darker blues with grays, or somewhere in between. In bright or dark retro shades, blue is a color that can complement any interior style.

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The colors to avoid when using a black and white palette are primary colors—yellow, red, and blue kitchen accents—that are too harsh compared to a monochromatic color scheme. You can successfully pair stronger colors like berry, warm blue and muddy, earthy tones (from pink to yellow) with a range of black and white kitchen ideas. For painted kitchens, there are a variety of blacks to choose from—you can find blacks with a hint of red, green, blue, and brown, some more ugly than others. If you have a small kitchen or have low ceilings, it makes sense to consider a predominantly white color scheme, but you can add some drama by adding a unique and striking black element to your scheme, such as a stove. .

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Whether it’s furniture, a kitchen island, display cabinets, window trim, floor tiles or backsplashes, there’s a wide range of options to add blue and give your kitchen a bright and fresh look. There is something charming and timeless, calm and classic about blue and white kitchens, and today we are celebrating 40 beautiful blue and white kitchen ideas with these inspiring designs for you to consider. There are so many ways to spice up an all-white kitchen with kitchen décor ideas, from natural textures like marble countertops and wood beams to dynamic backsplash ideas and flooring choices like weave wood tiles.

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