4 Best Ways to Decorative Ceiling Beams Ideas

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Decorative ceiling beams ideas are available in various styles and designs, and they can be made of different light weight materials, making them a cheap, lightweight option for any living room. The texture and look of fake wood beams mimics real wood as well, to get that authentic wood look that you are looking for. It is impossible to go wrong with a classic wooden beam as it fits many different styles of design.

You can use wooden ceiling beams for decorative molding, wall and ceiling decorations in the tall ceiling. If you have a tall ceiling, but you do not want to highlight that height, then wooden ceiling beams can be used to bring down the height of your ceiling, giving the living room an inviting look.

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Even if you already have a wooden ceiling, you can still use decorative beams to add depth and interest. If you have a room that has unique proportions, or has a particular tilt in your ceiling, it is okay to add accents using decorative beams.

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Decorative beams lend a rustic, coffered ceiling look to your ceiling, which can make that frequently overlooked area of your room a little more interesting. Exposed ceiling beams can really help define the space and add visual interest, making them a great way to get that rustic, industrial-chic look in your home or business.

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Instead of the fake, you can use plain pine beams and get the rustic look. You can also used aged wooden beams to add a rustic flair and architectural details to the family rooms tall, cathedral-style ceiling. Low-profile beams added a charming touch to large familys home office and library, which is decorated in a faux-shabby-chic style, featuring an assortment of weathered antique furnishings. The powerful design element of the ornamental ceiling transforms an entire room, adding warmth and depth.

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These raw-sawn beams can add a lot of character to a cosy cabins interior, complimenting the space while adding some extra interest in your ceiling areas. Decorative ceiling beams ideas in kitchens and dining room interiors can add naturalness, a certain rawness that is common for raw, untreated wood, or a sense of warmth to modern designs. Decorative fake wooden ceiling beams can accent an interior, giving a room a warm, cozy feel, while looking exactly like real wood.

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The dark fake wood beams are in harmony with the entertainment centers in this living room, providing an amazing contrast with the white, textured ceiling. The saturated, deep black finish on the striking is the perfect color match to the cabinetry. The rustic beams used in this vaulted ceiling are popping against the white shiplap to give a nice, rustic feel to this kitchen.

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Usually, vaulted ceilings can make the room look a little cavernous, but with a stained wood ceiling and beams, this bedroom looks warm and cozy. Heres a gorgeous before-and-after of adding a few darker wooden beams after we lit our great room up and added the floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace. We started out planning, and raising and vaulting our ceiling in our great room was one of the first major decisions, and I instantly thought about the wooden beams.

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One thing that we had to consider was that we were going to attach both a ceiling fan and a chandelier on fake wooden beams, so we had to set up a few wooden frames to hold them up. One thing we had to take into consideration- we were attaching both a ceiling fan and a chandelier to faux wood beams, so we needed to install some wood framing to support them.

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The ornamental ones could be made from different materials–natural wood, fake wood or polyurethane foam, lightweight bamboo, steel, salvaged wood–and depending on the homes decorating style, complement the design–steel is an excellent option for an industrial or modern-style house, and wood could work for just about every style. Decorative ceiling beams ideas can compliment cabinet choices made from real wood such as maple, oak, or hickory, for instance.

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