4 Tips To Create Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor

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An easy way to mimic the authentic style of farmhouse kitchen wall decor ideas is by creating displays using shelving units. If you are looking for a rustic farmhouse kitchen wall decor idea, hanging dishes on your walls is a great way to add some color and a rustic vibe. Hanging branches on the walls to display items is an ultimate rustic decorating idea for your farm kitchen.

You can up the rustic kitchen wall decor by styling up the space between the countertops and wall cabinets. This wall art shows that splashing some rustic style inspiration onto the kitchen walls definitely works for farmhouse decor. This rustic design really caught my eye with its vintage-inspired accents and beautiful wall art.

4 Tips To Create Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor 2

The rustic wooden kitchen island, wooden-slatted walls, antique china cabinets, and fun touches such as the vintage-school kitchen scales all add to the sense that this is a well-loved space. This wooden, rustic island is a great place to gather friends and family over drinks or an informal, intimate dinner. I wanted to share this typical open-plan farm kitchen and sitting area with an adorable island and some amazing accents such as wall art and fabulous farm pendant light.

4 Tips To Create Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor 3

Clean and functional, but still cozy and comforting, the farm-style kitchen offers a great place for entertaining and spending time with the family. A relaxed approach to interior design, farmhouse-style kitchens typically incorporate reused furnishings and natural materials. Typically featuring lots of clean whites, wooden elements, and rustic accents, farmhouse-style kitchen decor offers a happier alternative to modern or traditional looks.

4 Tips To Create Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor 4

Like any popular home trend, however, there are plenty of home decor items on the market that say the word “farmhouse” in its entirety. If you are into farm-style decorating, then picture your rustic-style house with these gorgeous decorating ideas for your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and walls.

4 Tips To Create Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor 5

If you are in to this cozy, rustic decorating style, but are not sure where to begin when it comes to your kitchen, then you are in the right place. If you are looking for a warm, cozy, rustic yet contemporary, and easy-going look, you are in the right place.

4 Tips To Create Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor 6

Rustic wood shelves, big, ratty stools, and warm colors make any kitchen feel cozy and bring out that farmhouse feel. While the last couple years have seen a rise in popularity for farmhouse kitchen decor, at its core, it takes its cues from the utilitarian American farmhouses from the 18th and 19th centuries, and old English countryside homes.

4 Tips To Create Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor 7

The appearance of this farm kitchen space is anything but open, yet the design is highly functional and well-refined, featuring a large, dark wood butchers counter, combined with telescoping stands, classic mason jars, and an antique, large metal sink. In the kitchen, which is covered with painted white wood internals, decorating the space with a few pieces of natural wood textures gives it a contemporary, simple, and bright feel.

4 Tips To Create Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor 8

To compliment the different materials, many farmhouse kitchens also employ a cold, neutral color palette of colors for the walls and cabinets, which include white, cream, beige, grey, pale blue, and pale green. DIY farmhouse kitchen decor ideas showcase a variety of neutral colors, like a white kitchen with wooden accents and a greenery accent to add some color. Vintage and rustic elements combined with wood, metal, and marble are ways to incorporate this farm-inspired design in your own kitchen.

4 Tips To Create Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor 9

You can incorporate materials like copper pans, which adds a visceral, rustic feel to your kitchen. Using antique accents and decorations will let you get that farmhouse look without spending a lot of money. If you are wondering how to decorate your farm kitchen, heres one idea: create a few layers, adding a little bit of texture by using lots of accessories, planters, and so on.

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