8 Farmhouse Dining Room with Accent Wall Design Ideas

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Try an farmhouse dining room with accent wall design, it’s a great way to add some extra style and personality to this functional space. When decorating a dining room in a farmhouse, it is important to consider the walls. If you want to include an accent wall in your dining room decor, define the “back” wall of your dining room.

Cover an accent wall with reclaimed wood panels painted in a variety of hues to create a completely custom living room that doesn’t break the bank. Something lighter that you put in front of the spiked wall, like the honeywood dining table and the white captain’s chairs in this dining room.

8 Farmhouse Dining Room with Accent Wall Design Ideas 01

We love Rose Silk in a small dining nook like the one pictured above, which adds just the right amount of soft contrast to the surrounding white walls and cabinetry. Bachelor Blue is a great dining room accent wall color for modern and transitional styles. This is a great choice of muted colors for a variety of styles, but we especially prefer it in modern dining rooms where adding an earthy tone can make the space more accessible.

8 Farmhouse Dining Room with Accent Wall Design Ideas 02

Ditching this color scheme can cause white walls to take a back seat, so pair this metallic finish with grayscale dining room wall decor. You can create a nice contrast with light-colored artwork hanging on a dark wall. Place whimsical white lamps in your bedroom or dining room for a chic look, or opt for something more industrial with a matte black finish to create a contemporary rustic feel in your kitchen. If you love country house decor, then imagine your country style home with these great ideas for decorating the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and walls.

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Farmhouse style is all about creating a welcoming space with airy colors, rustic elements, and a mix of modern and vintage furnishings. Here are farmhouse dining room with accent wall design to keep in mind when adding rustic style to your interior design. Whether you’re new to rustic decor or looking to complement your rustic décor, our farmhouse wall decor ideas have something for every room in your home.

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This modern, large farmhouse bedroom, like the one from Farmhouse Living, is part of a high ceiling dream. The black accents in this modern farmhouse living room make the space so unique and purposeful. An open space that brings the living room and kitchen closer to the living room pairs well with rustic furniture. The rustic style continues in the kitchen area, represented by the cantilevered wall, where vintage tones emerge.

8 Farmhouse Dining Room with Accent Wall Design Ideas 05

White is typical for country house interiors, and white matches the neutral walls behind. Another motif of farm life makes eggs a charming and nostalgic addition to the modern dining room. White painted wooden walls and black thread baskets add a vintage feel.

The color of the metal matches the black-painted chairs, the plaque on the chalkboard, and other tiny accents dotted around this dining room. The rug under the wood dining table is gray and vintage, the perfect accent that gives the space character.

8 Farmhouse Dining Room with Accent Wall Design Ideas 06

A meat table, a wooden box, a dark floor make this dining room conducive to cozy family dinners or fun gatherings with friends. A rustic wood kitchen island, wood slatted walls, a vintage china cabinet, and whimsical touches like an old-school kitchen scale give the room a beloved vibe. These accessories, furniture and earthy colors work so well together to create a farmhouse vibe that is perfect for the common spaces of our homes such as the dining and living areas.

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If you’re looking for a way to decorate an empty farmhouse-style dining room wall, use this recycled wood art example. If you live in a place where you can’t change the wall color or wallpaper, try adding a visual effect to the wall by creating a gallery wall.

If you want your gallery wall to look like a single decorative element, use a strong color palette. Then start focusing on accents like wall art in the dining room and paint colors. If you want to emulate modern farmhouse decor in your home, make sure the dining room wall art is simple and minimalist.

8 Farmhouse Dining Room with Accent Wall Design Ideas 08

Adding paneling, chair railings, or decorative wall moldings, as in the dining room pictured above, are all great ways to add farmhouse dining room with accent wall design. Accent walls are a great way to add a bit of personality to your home, but it can be tricky to choose materials, decide on a color, and decide what should really be the focal point of a room. If you’re one of those who can’t resist simplicity, you can complement the design with a simple neutral décor or create a focal point with a bright wall décor.

8 Farmhouse Dining Room with Accent Wall Design Ideas 09

If you like signs like this in your home, extend this idea to your kitchen wall decor. You can paint the top a bright color without making the room feel claustrophobic. Use white (or your favorite neutral color) on the bottom half to make the space appear larger.

Another great strategy is to use an accent color for room cladding. Neutral colors are the traditional palette of the country house, regardless of the type of room in which they will be used. When it comes to choosing a paint color for your farmhouse dining room with accent wall design, neutrals and earthy tones work best because they make rooms look brighter, bigger, and more inviting.

Inspired by the look of a barn, the farmhouse design uses exposed beams to create a natural feel and crisp lines to make rooms appear larger than they really are. Use a cotton wreath, vintage throw pillows, animal wall hangings, and repurposed vintage containers to add accents to other levels of the room. Use an old milk or water jug ​​as a flower pot for a more rustic farmhouse look, or create a gallery wall with metal signs, mirrors and shabby chic paintings. Learn how to install a wall step by step to highlight your farmhouse dining room with accent wall design.

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