9 Adorable Concrete Top Kitchen Island Design Ideas

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The concrete home, designed by Ogrydziak and Prillinger Architects, features not one, but two kitchen islands. The concrete island has a concrete top and matching bottom that stands out against the exposed bricks and wood beams. We wish there were electrical outlets on the island, but the floor is solid wood on a concrete slab.

In fact, if you have a kitchen island or bar counter, you can adapt it to a different type of countertop so that your sink and stove top can sit comfortably in the background. Your kitchen island can be completely concrete with sculptural shapes and lines, or wood with a very durable concrete countertop. Concrete countertops don’t usually look like someone threw a sidewalk onto a kitchen island, and it’s not just the design that makes the difference.

9 Adorable Concrete Top Kitchen Island Design Ideas 01

You can create a whimsical look for your kitchen by using the same concrete for the countertops as the floor. If you’re tired of seeing the same look in every kitchen, concrete is for you. Also, since the kitchen is the heart of the home, concrete offers a versatile design option that brightens up the space and adds a touch of style and class. Hard as stone and hard as granite or slate, high quality concrete is better suited to contemporary kitchen design than natural or engineered stone as it exudes a modern industrial aesthetic.

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Concrete is a high-quality material for making kitchen countertops and requires the skill and experience of skilled craftsmen to make them. While concrete countertops are sometimes molded and poured on site, more often they are made in stores after a technician has taken accurate measurements of your kitchen space and discussed all finishes with you. Concrete countertops have many virtues, most notably their ability to be molded and molded to exactly fit the size of your kitchen and precisely finished to your liking. G&M concrete countertops can be found in kitchens, bathrooms, service bars, service bars and outdoor grills that have a more industrial, contemporary or rustic design.

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While his business is a leading concrete kitchen and bathroom countertop company serving Northwest Missouri, Wayne Fry also designs and installs concrete countertops in restaurants and offices. Wayne recently added custom concrete indoor and outdoor furniture to his business. Some of Fu-Tong Cheng’s designed homes have sold for $13 million, and he loves using concrete to create unique countertops that stand out. If you tried concrete kitchen countertops in the early 2000s and found the process confusing and the end product messy, advises Fu-Tung Cheng, founder and CEO of Cheng Design, take another look.

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Designers can take this concept further by designing countertops specifically for cooking in the kitchen. For Loft B, a private residence in Ferrara, Italy, Tomas Ghisellini Architects designed a very interesting and elegant kitchen island featuring a solid concrete frame and wooden units that can be used as dining tables or countertops. This elegant concrete island separates the kitchen from the dining area inside the book tower. In One, the open-plan kitchen is separated from the living room by a long concrete island that doubles as a breakfast bar or even a dining table.

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The island is a custom made kitchen counter with a mechanized (hydraulic) stove and sink mounted on top of a giant, fully functioning filtered aquarium. Proof that a kitchen island doesn’t have to be massive to offer practicality and style, this clean white island features a deep stainless steel sink, plenty of storage space, a built-in stove and is complemented by a melted glass countertop from Lucid Glass. Studio. Below is another example of one of Dade Design’s concrete islands paired with an elongated wood table for a clean, modern kitchen.

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A concrete counter top above the breakfast bar or kitchen island will give the interior a modern and industrial-chic style, but is also very functional, providing additional space for cooking, dining or socializing. More often than not, modern concrete kitchen countertops are warm, shiny surfaces that are functional and strikingly stylish. Concrete is a very industrial material, and a sculpted concrete kitchen island makes a stylish statement and brings a more modern vibe to the space.

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For example, a concrete kitchen island can be paired with a polished concrete floor to create a continuous and cohesive d├ęcor. When adding a concrete countertop or island to a kitchen, architects and designers sometimes try to offset its cold, neutral look with accent pieces such as colorful texture or rug, wood furniture, or elegant lighting fixtures.

Your countertops can be finished with a jagged edge to give them a rough stone slab look that looks great on a dedicated stone island or dark wood floors. Pointed edges can be a really cool way to separate the solidity of a concrete countertop from the open space of your kitchen, giving everything its place and function.

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Instead, specific spaces can be created right on the countertop for cutting boards, built-in bowls and other kitchen utensils, or the designer can use other inlaid materials such as granite as a safe cutting surface. Even concrete can be customized by adding small items pressed into the surface of the countertop. Using concrete for the top of the island allows you to design with different shapes, create long sections without interruption, vary thicknesses and use many colors.

9 Adorable Concrete Top Kitchen Island Design Ideas 09

Because countertops are poured rather than removed from stone slabs, concrete is not tied to traditional slab construction and can be sculpted, embedded, and ergonomically designed. Although they look huge, the concrete weight of Dade Designs kitchen products is greatly reduced through various manufacturing techniques and is made from Dade Design brand UHPC concrete. Quartz, granite and meat block countertops top the list of most popular materials, concrete kitchen countertops offer a unique design opportunity.

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