9 Adorable Dark Floors Kitchen With White Cabinets

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9 Adorable Dark Floors Kitchen With White Cabinets 3

The floors are quite dark, but it’s a stunning contrast to the shiny stainless steel, white cabinets, and marble that can be seen throughout this kitchen. The contrast between the dark floor and the rest of the kitchen is highlighted by the light brown wood on the cabinets and table. The color of the walls, for example, is a very light brown that matches both the creamy white furniture with false panels and the dark wood flooring.

If you want more color contrast in your kitchen, opt for white cabinets and dark wood floors. The white color scheme of this kitchen contrasts beautifully with the dark wood flooring and blue island furniture. This kitchen is adorned with dark cherry gold cabinetry and matching wood flooring. This is a large kitchen with a gorgeous dark painted wood floor that contrasts with the ceiling while maintaining striking coherence with the cabinetry and wall finishes.

9 Adorable Dark Floors Kitchen With White Cabinets 1

There is an island here with dark cabinets that match the tone of the wood and white cabinets. The beautiful brown of the kitchen cabinets creates a pleasing tone, while the dark flooring pairs with the cabinets to create a strong color palette with cream walls, countertops and ceiling. There is plenty of room to let in natural light to enhance the tone of the floor, which at first glance appears to be in harmony with the cabinetry, but upon closer inspection, it only complements the wall and ceiling finishes. Dark oak parquet floors highlight the all-white kitchen cabinets, while the wood planks on the gable ceiling are given a refreshing look with a white paint job.

9 Adorable Dark Floors Kitchen With White Cabinets 1

Unlike previous examples, this beautiful kitchen offers a combination of light and light, using light maple floors paired with white kitchen cabinets. The combination of white kitchen cabinets and white granite countertops is suitable for rooms with darker walls and rooms with little sunlight. For whatever reason and consideration, white cabinets and wood floors, especially in a dark combination kitchen, are a timeless classic look. If so, light wood floors with white cabinets will reflect more light into your kitchen and give you the look you want.

9 Adorable Dark Floors Kitchen With White Cabinets 1

When you have white furniture, you can choose a light kitchen floor to add to the look, or a dark color for contrast. Light floors work well in spaces with dark cabinets or counters because they create a contrast and make furniture stand out. When you have a bright classic kitchen and bright empty white cabinets, you have the perfect palette to complement different floors. You can also use a grey and white palette in the kitchen while keeping the wood floors warm.

9 Adorable Dark Floors Kitchen With White Cabinets 2

The creamy white color palette of this kitchen makes it elegant and regal, perfect for traditional cuisine. This clean look of the kitchen is part of what makes the design so great, as is the choice of using slate base cabinets to contrast with this kitchen floor. Dark wood floors also make the kitchen look a little more elegant or formal than it might otherwise be.

9 Adorable Dark Floors Kitchen With White Cabinets 3

Varied tile backsplash and white cabinetry were chosen to match this kitchen’s floor and exposed beams above with dark wood reflecting what lies below. It was a good idea to choose white cabinets to balance out the color of the floor, and adding an Aztec-style cabinet made it even brighter. In the image above, white shaker cabinets are paired with solid ash wood floors to give this space a neutral ash hue.

9 Adorable Dark Floors Kitchen With White Cabinets 4

Gorgeous white shaker cabinets paired with mahogany flooring and pale yellow walls create a nice soft backdrop to this beautiful kitchen. This is the perfect example of a classic kitchen with white cabinetry, white countertops, white backsplash, stainless steel appliances and dark wood flooring. Dark floors and cabinets with authentic kitchen appliances create a strong look and soothing tone that is characteristic of traditional interiors.

9 Adorable Dark Floors Kitchen With White Cabinets 5

This kitchen with granite island countertops looks vibrant because the dark floor blends into the island, while the creamy, well-placed cabinets add a contemporary twist to a traditional setting. Large full size kitchen with elegant dark walnut floors with a beautiful matte paint finish that helps bring out the simple elegance of the all white kitchen cabinets. This mid-sized dining area kitchen has white cabinetry, gray stone tile backsplash, granite countertops, dark wood flooring and an island.

9 Adorable Dark Floors Kitchen With White Cabinets 6

Brown offers some contrast to classic white, but is not as dramatic as black. Brown adds warmth and depth to the floor without letting the room look shapeless or washed out with too much white. The walls are light cream, adding a subtle contrast, while the floors are covered in dark wenge ceramic tiles that help make the white kitchen stand out.

9 Adorable Dark Floors Kitchen With White Cabinets 7

We get a lot of requests for bright white kitchens, but many of our clients are also interested in something bolder or something that matches the dark floors in the rest of the house. The great thing about having white kitchen cabinets is that mixing and matching colors for walls, ceilings, floors, backsplashes, and countertop materials is the least of your worries.

When it comes to kitchen flooring and cabinetry, you might think that you need to find materials that match exactly. Do you get a lot of natural light in your kitchen, or do you have high ceilings, or do you just want your kitchen to have a deep, rich and welcoming feel with dark wood floors contrasting with all those white kitchen cabinets. If you like the look of traditional furniture or want your kitchen to be very rich, dark floors are for you.