9 Adorable Spanish Style Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

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European-inspired stainless steel furniture made by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens is the perfect solution for creating a Spanish-inspired outdoor kitchen, complete with realistic woodgrain powder-coated finishes and Spanish-inspired features and appliances for your outdoor living space. . . Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens’ durable kitchen cabinets provide extra storage space and can be placed in almost any configuration, allowing you to use siding, stainless steel appliances, outdoor furniture, seating areas and more to complement your Spanish outdoor living space. style.

This open living space includes a fully equipped kitchen, dining and living area. The entire open plan living room with kitchen and dining area measures approximately 15 x 40.

9 Adorable Spanish Style Outdoor Kitchen Ideas 1

In addition to large party space, outdoor living spaces in these types of homes typically include a pool area, while covered porch areas are a great place to relax by an open fireplace with comfortable furniture. These types of homes also tend to have open floor plans and high ceilings, all of which are inviting, but the real attraction is the open living spaces used for entertaining. Aside from having a lovely character of its own, the beautiful outdoor spaces of a Spanish-style home will make you want to spend more time outdoors.

9 Adorable Spanish Style Outdoor Kitchen Ideas 1

The covered outdoor patio is perfect for protecting your guests from the elements while still entertaining in style. A contemporary mountain home features an inviting outdoor patio with built-in kitchen, pizza oven and spacious work area. This outdoor kitchen is unique in that it not only has a cooking area with a grill, sink and appropriately sized shelves, but also space for a small dining table and chairs right by the chimney.

9 Adorable Spanish Style Outdoor Kitchen Ideas 2

The kitchen cabinet is stuccoed, including a pizza oven and a fireplace. The clay tile roof and white stucco on the outside are echoed in the stucco kitchen island created for the large grill.

Rustic wooden pillars and a clay tile roof testify to the architecture of houses in southwestern Spain. The tiled worktop and wooden cabinet doors give it a rustic feel, just enough to give this Spanish-style open kitchen character. A modern Spanish kitchen will include materials such as tile or natural stone countertops, as well as wood-look cabinetry. Spanish colonial architecture differs from the Italian style in that it has simpler features, as opposed to its more decorative (columns, balustrades) and feminine Italian cousin.

9 Adorable Spanish Style Outdoor Kitchen Ideas 3

This modern style open kitchen is a tiny, gorgeous space that has hints of Greek, Spanish and Italian styles. While the kitchen itself is fairly minimalistic, with only a grill and sink (barely visible on the right), what really makes it so gorgeous is the seamless design of the large stone bench. This outdoor kitchen includes a nice big fridge, a “wooden picnic table” bar with grey-colored square bar stools, a bunch of wood cabinets… Plus old appliances, pots and pans hanging on the wall for decoration. This entertainer’s kitchen-bar offers everything you need for outdoor entertainment.

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The centerpiece of this summer kitchen has a grill, gorgeous cabinets with plenty of storage space, a cupboard and gorgeous hardwood floors that make up the common space, all with great views of the landscape and their backyard. Stone, tile and wood give this outdoor cooking space a rustic, earthy feel. Wrought iron sconces and bar stools accentuate the open kitchen space with rustic touches. Returning to conventional kitchens, this rustic red brick kitchen with wood cabinets is the perfect blend of country aura and sophisticated grandeur.

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Irregular geometric patterns in gray and white give a unique and lively look to a simple yet effective kitchen. I also love the addition of antlers hanging from the kitchen countertop, it adds a rustic touch to a rather modern kitchen. This kitchen reflects understated style with a soft blue handmade tile backsplash. This summer kitchen consists of a grill, a mini-fridge, a decent work surface and gorgeous stone benches, complemented by the traditional bright colors and striped patterns of Spanish culture – and of course, colorful frogs and a vase with interesting motifs.

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This outdoor gourmet kitchen includes some amazing features including a Chicago Brick Oven wood-fired pizza oven, grill, side burner, smoker, sink, refrigerator, garbage chute and gas station. This beach-style patio in Orange County, California features an outdoor grilling area with a concrete top and built-in concrete benches for seating. On a stunning Mediterranean-style patio in Santa Barbara, California, you can sit by the fireplace and dine al fresco with a BBQ and grill. Glamping is perfect in this summer kitchen on the Fforest field in Wales that opens onto the street.

9 Adorable Spanish Style Outdoor Kitchen Ideas 7

You should only use appliances designed for outdoor use in a built-in kitchen such as this one. An open kitchen will eliminate the cramped and stressful atmosphere of having everyone locked in your house while you prepare and serve food. It’s no surprise that outdoor play areas are an extremely popular way to diversify outdoor life.

9 Adorable Spanish Style Outdoor Kitchen Ideas 8

To build a traditional Spanish style outdoor kitchen, the trick is to use as many of the Spanish style elements listed above as possible to create your design ideas. These types of houses began to appear in the United States around 1915 and this style is based on Spanish architecture found during the early Spanish colonization of the Americas. In Southern California, Spanish-style houses were heavily influenced by the missions built there in the mid to late 18th century.

The kitchen area itself is made with stainless steel drawers, a grill, any built-in waste bin (far left). Ventilation Issues Since the covered porch is located directly below the second floor living area, we expected to hide the ventilation ducts between the second level beams and the outer wall parallel to the custom made hood.

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