9 Adorable White Kitchen Green Island Ideas

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Here is another example of a beautiful kitchen with a green island and green pendant lights. The natural look of wicker stools and crisp white cabinets balances the muted green of the kitchen island. Olive green cabinets and kitchen island feature white countertops for a more open and clean feel. This traditional kitchen design features a kitchen island with white shaker-style main cabinets and black soapstone countertops.

The white cladding on the ceiling and walls creates a very open and airy feel, providing space for the kitchen island. As shown above, bold green kitchen cabinets contrast with the white walls to soften the look.

9 Adorable White Kitchen Green Island Ideas 1

If you have a small kitchen but still want to use color in it, paint the lower cabinets green and the upper cabinets and backsplash white crepes, this will make the space look bigger and add character. If you decide you want to use a contrasting color, it can create a lovely focal point and a great way to hint at a trendy hue without having to redo the entire kitchen. Or, if you want to make a bold statement without changing the entire kitchen, use an accent color like a rich hunter green for a creative kitchen island idea.

9 Adorable White Kitchen Green Island Ideas 1

Decorating your kitchen with a contrasting island color is a great way to add color to a kitchen, especially a traditional white one. If you want to make your white kitchen a little more unique, adding a muted green hue to the island will make your space feel a little more offbeat. As with most shades, green complements white well and is perfect for cabinet makers if you’re looking for a classic painted kitchen idea. If you’re looking for smart painting kitchen ideas, match the same shade of green on low wall cabinets to match the wall color shown above.

9 Adorable White Kitchen Green Island Ideas 2

Soft pink kitchen ideas, like the pink painted walls shown above, create a fresh, beautiful and modern contrast with the traditional style dark green Shaker cabinets. The deep forest green of the kitchen cabinets combined with the marble countertops and backsplash creates a modern yet welcoming vibe. One of our favorite kitchen design palettes pairs green cabinetry with neutral-toned quartz countertops with luxurious marble machinery. Mint green cabinets and white quartz countertops are a charming kitchen combination, especially when paired with open shelving, brass hardware and vintage d├ęcor.

9 Adorable White Kitchen Green Island Ideas 3

One of the trendiest color ideas for the kitchen. Green is perfect for furniture, walls, and accessories, and you can choose from dirty and moody hues for a traditional touch and bright greens for a more vibrant space. While green can be gentle and soothing, it can also bring rich and regal elements, so if you’re looking to add pops of color to a neutral, white or light gray kitchen, this painted kitchen island is the perfect inspiration. If you have a large kitchen and are lucky enough to have a kitchen island, then a good design tip is to make the island a neutral color versus sage green cabinets running away from the blocks behind to complement the color. This kitchen is a perfect example of how to have fun with color, with jade green wall cabinets and colorful shards on the island countertop.

9 Adorable White Kitchen Green Island Ideas 4

The architecture of this kitchen is mostly white, but the vegetal green accents, especially on the island, bring life to the space, which in my opinion is more visually interesting than being completely covered in white. The muted hue of apple green is unobtrusive but effective enough to bring a touch of nature to this kitchen from Blacks London. The Peel green used in this kitchen complements the white and warm wood tones and is used as the countertop in this kitchen. Green and white are arguably one of the best color combinations for the kitchen because it’s so natural, green is the perfect way to add color to a space, and it doesn’t get boring after a while – usually we’re all used to it.

9 Adorable White Kitchen Green Island Ideas 5

White decorating ideas complement all the other light and dark colors available for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, and kitchen island designs. If your kitchen already has some cool features, multiple body colors can be helpful. I love blue or teal kitchen islands…but certainly not many kitchens can support those colors visually unless you do something from scratch and can incorporate them from the start (I’m looking forward to some of my clients posting photos , to show you their beauty!). Adding rustic wood and rattan will add a touch of texture to your green kitchen, standing out from the flat white kitchen walls, countertops and cabinets.

9 Adorable White Kitchen Green Island Ideas 6

The Kitchen Island and Cart Shop While Emily Henderson was thinking about painting the bottom or top cabinets white, she decided to make a more dramatic statement by using the same color throughout (including the kitchen island). This traditional kitchen, mixed with contemporary, is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Essex Green Benjamin Moore’s Essex Green Benjamin Moore’s Essex Green Benjamin Moore’s Dark Green has floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. This farmhouse kitchen by Jaclyn Peters Design features pine cabinetry, matte black fixtures, cozy textures and Newport(tm) countertops. The gorgeous grey-green kitchen features a gorgeous grey-green island adorned with gray geometric tiles and gray rattan stools on a white quartz countertop finished with a sink, lit by a French capise chandelier hanging from a white plank ceiling.

9 Adorable White Kitchen Green Island Ideas 7

The airy kitchen gets a bit dramatic with a wide, dark green island. A pastel green paint color like mint is a subtle but great choice for refreshing the style of a kitchen.

9 Adorable White Kitchen Green Island Ideas 8

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