9 Awesome Ideas U Shaped Outdoor Kitchen with Bar

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With built-in stainless steel appliances and a breakfast bar, this L-shaped outdoor kitchen is stunning yet understated so as not to compete with the beauty of its natural surroundings. The U-shaped summer kitchen is defined by three sides, lined with outdoor cabinets and appliances, forming a U shape with an open space in the center. The U-shaped kitchen also offers maximum countertop space thanks to three rows of outdoor kitchen cabinets.

An L-shaped outdoor kitchen usually offers more storage space for items, appliances, cabinets, etc. than a simple countertop setup, but not as much as a U-shaped design. The summer kitchen is completely weatherproof, an apron and other interior decoration are possible. This traditional open kitchen design features a fully functional kitchen with a fridge, sink, grill with extractor fan, plenty of countertop space and a dining area.

9 Awesome Ideas U Shaped Outdoor Kitchen with Bar 1

This fully covered outdoor kitchen has an L-shaped layout with plenty of work surface and outdoor seating to easily cover and serve food right next to the grill. There is enough counter and cabinet space to integrate all the latest appliances and outdoor features. In this shot of an L-shaped outdoor kitchen, you can see how the kitchen sits at the perfect intermediate point between the pool and outdoor dining/lounge area, making it the perfect place for entertaining.

9 Awesome Ideas U Shaped Outdoor Kitchen with Bar 1

You will see and install an outdoor oven and grill, as well as a concrete kitchen island. This outdoor kitchen is truly unique as it is diagonally oriented and is a self-contained kitchen island as it has no walls on either side and is protected by a pergola-like structure. The base is made from marine plywood so it won’t warp despite being exposed to moisture, and it also keeps the kitchen island light so you can easily move it around in extreme weather. Featuring a huge wooden outdoor table, this traditional brick structure can become a truly functional outdoor cooking space.

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The design of the L-shaped kitchen is very flexible and suits a wide variety of sizes and styles. The kitchen is great for those who like a lot of countertop space but also love modern style, which is best suited for a U-shaped kitchen. Chefs have always liked the L-shaped layout as it cuts travel time between stations, especially if you include an island in the design, but it will be open, which will create more space. The L-shape makes it easy to create a classic kitchen triangle.

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When it comes to kitchen layouts, the U-shaped layout is the most common, as it accommodates multiple work triangles and cooks, as well as easily accommodates guests for maximum outdoor fun. U-shaped kitchens are the most versatile layout, whether your kitchen is indoors or out. Depending on the size of your open living space and your goals, different kitchen design layouts may work best.

A well-designed kitchen area should consider safety as well as features for an aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space. You will need the exact measurements to match your kitchen’s available space in accordance with standards and regulations to ensure your safety.

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Before we get into the details, let’s imagine your outdoor living space. It can be fun to think about your dream outdoor space for a while, but eventually you’ll need to start making some concrete decisions (some of which may actually involve concrete). Develop your outdoor U-shaped kitchen ideas to help you visualize what the layout will look like in your chosen space before you start building. Complement your functional outdoor living space with the U-shaped kitchen of your dreams, built to last.

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Simple outdoor cabinets, a good countertop, and a great grill are all you really need to make a fantastic meal. Custom outdoor kitchens can include wine cabinets, under-counter refrigerators, bars, fireplaces, side burners, smokers, warmers, plenty of storage, and even a pizza oven. Stainless steel cabinets are available in dozens of styles and widths to maximize space and eliminate non-functional designs. If you include two work triangles in each corner, you can have an outside sink, refrigerator, and outdoor kitchen appliances in each corner so multiple chefs can work in your outdoor kitchen at the same time.

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This outdoor kitchen arrangement is convenient when several people are cooking at the same time, and the workflow becomes more efficient because you can turn around to reach another area instead of going up and down an island. If you have enough space to work, you might gravitate towards a U-shaped outdoor kitchen, but opting for an L-shape maintains the feel of a large open patio, like in a modern New York landscape. U-shaped kitchens are great for outdoor entertaining, work space, and efficiency. This U-shaped outdoor kitchen with two levels of dining counters shows how a relatively small space can be designed to encompass a wide range of functions with ample countertop space and cabinet options below.

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With such a large kitchen, a larger yard or landscaping is needed to not feel crowded. Many homeowners with U-shaped summer kitchens amplify the creation by lining each side with bar stools (not behind the grill—the rearward emission of smoke and heat makes this the worst place in the house). To eliminate any guesswork and make sure your project doesn’t raise taxes, opt for a mobile kitchen with a mobile grill, cart and external power strip.

9 Awesome Ideas U Shaped Outdoor Kitchen with Bar 8

Equipped with a stainless steel grill, breakfast bar, mini fridge and plenty of work surface. It includes a sink, bar counter and of course a grill and fridge, and it has a nice looking tray that is sure to match your DIY farmhouse décor.

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