9 Black and White Mosaic Tile Bathroom Ideas

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Neglected for decades, black-and-white tile flooring is popping up everywhere in bathrooms and becoming a favorite of homeowners again, according to Apartment Therapy. We’re not just talking about the black and white mosaic floor tiles so familiar to Victorians and modern homeowners alike. A wide variety of black and white ceramic mosaic floor tiles are available, such as room tiles, interior wall tiles, and square tiles. Laid with a contrasting hexagon pattern in black, these hexagonal mosaic tiles are another great bathroom floor tile design.

Another geometric floor pattern, a little simpler than the previous one, is to install black square tiles in the corners of large white tiles. Then detach some white tiles from the grid base to make a hexagonal pattern, glue on the mosaic grid and place the black tiles in the blanks to complete the pattern. To lay it, white* and black* tiles of the same size will suffice, which must be alternated on the floor. To reproduce this accurately, you would buy large white marble tiles and install rows of small black mosaic tiles between them.

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To create a similar look, purchase sheets of white mosaic hex tile* (comes with mesh backing) and a few sheets of black hex tile*. If you want more retro style, this white mosaic tile with black floral pattern might be just what you need. Available in a variety of designs and materials, black and white mosaic flooring suits almost any bathroom space, complements almost any color palette, and is also quite affordable.

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Mosaics can be ceramic, porcelain, glass, natural stone, and even metal or mirror, laid arbitrarily or according to a pattern, and usually on a grid. Most often seen in plain black and white, Basketweave tile patterns require careful measurement to make the pattern fit or work in the room to emphasize the depth of the design. The Basketweave tile motifs were chosen for their three-dimensional appeal, and although they may appear complex, they are laid down just like any other mosaic (on a backing). Mosaic is a combination of intricate patterns that are individually mounted on a grid or sheet of paper, which makes production labor intensive.

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Mosaics can help you create everything from elegant and traditional masterpieces using ceramic or glass tiles to sleek modern metal backsplashes and cobblestone mantels. Whether you’re interested in a beautiful mosaic backsplash for a bathroom cabinet or want to tile a kitchen island or countertop, mosaic can make your dreams come true. Mosaic tiles are a unique form of art that often makes a stunning impression on walls, floors, kitchen backsplashes, shower floors, pool cladding, bathroom backsplashes and many other applications. Mosaic art adorned the walls and floors of ancient temples, churches and palaces, creating geometric patterns or depicting intricate scenes.

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Most were white, with pattern and color added by a border made up of small square mosaics. In bathrooms, tiles were usually small, usually an inch in diameter to match the size of the room, while kitchens sometimes used tile pieces two inches or larger. The 1″ wide white hexagon tiled mosaic floor from Clay Squared to Infinity is typical of circa 1900 bathrooms.

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The shower surround with double basket weave creates a playful pattern, while the white ceramic material hugs the tub for a minimalist look. These neutral hues allow the patterned bathtub edging to take center stage, drawing your attention with a decorative mosaic pattern paired with dark gray on white to stand out. The combination of the Carrara marble metro tile on the shower wall and the matching hexagonal marble tile on the shower floor brings together material, natural stone veining and a subtle color combination in white and gray tiles. Lauren Conrad’s interior style mixed materials with this bathroom, which showcases the subway’s famous glazed ceramic tile walls and hexagonal mosaic floors.

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Our three white ceramic tiles come together to combine Chateau white subway ceramic tile, Chateau white square mosaic and Chateau sprig white ceramic mosaic. Compare Mohawk(r) Vivant White and Black Hexagon 12 x 14 Ceramic Mosaic with other products in the comparison list. Compare “Ellis + Fisher Nirvano 2 in Hexagon Porcelain Mosaic” with other products in the comparison list.

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Black and white home decor may seem like a modern design, but this color palette has been around for centuries. Adding this particular palette to a room’s design allows for many of the same characteristics that have made black and white trendy for generations: classic, timeless, and chic.

The floral tiles in this room (like this one) are one of my favorite black and white tile designs. Using black and white floor tiles in your bathroom is a great way to add glamour and drama to your space. I love the graphic design with large white marble tiles and black outlines.

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The most common places where people combine two different styles of tile are on the floor and walls. You can choose a unifying material such as a white marble inlay between marble mosaic and marble tiles, or a skirting board to separate wall and floor tiles. As with regular tiles, it is important to ensure that the mosaic sheets remain straight during installation to ensure that the mosaic patterns and grout lines are consistent. Some types of artistic mosaic look best when using white PVA glue.

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Today’s square tiles are available in almost any color, as well as unglazed and glazed porcelain, glass, marble, and even shells, as well as slate and stone. Today, random block tiles are available in ceramic, stone, and polished marble, and are very popular as mosaic backsplashes. Original Style’s polished marble weave mosaic floor updates the classic black and white marble with grey textures in light tiles.

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