9 Charming Farmhouse Kitchen With Wood Countertops

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The 5-person island is also made with reclaimed wood countertops, giving the charming farmhouse kitchen a rustic feel. The downstairs kitchen is a classic farmhouse with white cabinetry, a shed under the sink, white chinaware and display cabinets on the meat shelves. In this light and airy kitchen, a captivating navy blue defines the refrigerator wall and pantry, contrasting with the white cabinetry around the perimeter and the island. This beautiful Southern California kitchen contrasts with white cabinetry around the perimeter and the darker shade of the island.

Pale blue paneled cabinetry accentuates the reclaimed wood kitchen countertop. The kitchen island top is adorned with rich wood slats, while the rest of the furniture is drenched in speckled gray stone countertops. The restored white wood kitchen island is topped by a single-bowl white farmhouse sink, white stone double-deck countertop and black stone countertop. The island bar counter is not only made of natural wood, which shows the texture, but also has a reclaimed pine counter.

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The wood countertops are white to lighten the space and have rectangular edges to give this kitchen a truly modern farmhouse feel. With an island worktop and wood-beamed ceilings, this country-style kitchen is perfect for hosting guests. A farmhouse kitchen with a brick wall and real wood island countertop with seating is a great way to warm up in the kitchen.

Rustic wood shelving or cabinetry is a great way to give your kitchen that farmhouse feel. A rustic kitchen with dark countertops and hardwood floors is a great idea to add warmth to your kitchen.

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Most modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets are white, but any color can work with the right hardware, countertops, and accessories. For a contemporary kitchen in a country house, darker wood tones can be replaced with lighter counterparts, and white can be the perfect backdrop for images. As such, rustic wood countertops can be a great idea for your farmhouse kitchen design. Cabinets and shelves are often made from wood, which is a natural fit for a rustic wood kitchen design.

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This is one of the reasons why solid wood is perfect for rustic cuisine; the variation adds depth and charm to the space. One of the reasons wood looks so good on countertops is the ability to show off some of those long grains.

When choosing a breed for a countertop, the hardness of the wood should be taken into account. Regardless of the look, however, the choice of solid surface wood is key, according to Elisabeth Jeppsson, Senior Head of IKEA Sales at IKEA; thus they can withstand years of use in the kitchen.

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IKEA butcher countertops come in solid wood, but the store also sells some with a thin surface layer of wood on a chipboard frame. Wood and meat block countertops are a great choice if you like a warm, rustic vibe or contrast with other kitchen countertop materials. Some kitchens include wood countertops throughout, using this material as the main countertop material, while others follow the cascading look of the countertop and use wood countertops only as an accent.

It’s easy to opt for wood over white in a rustic kitchen, and it makes sense if you decide to go the more traditional route. Combining two current fashion trends to create an elegant and efficient kitchen, a rustic kitchen in white and wood is one you will instantly fall in love with.

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Wooden ceilings with this elegant rustic design will give your kitchen a very warm feel. With a white sink, walls, countertop windows, and cabinetry, black countertops stand out and give this rustic kitchen a contemporary feel. With a white painted horizontal plank ceiling and white painted vertical plank cabinets, this all-white kitchen takes on a vibrant color with warm reclaimed wood countertops. The reclaimed elm countertop in this kitchen is the focal point of the design.

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This beautiful kitchen features stylish turquoise finishes, stylish turquoise finishes, warm wood tones, Viatera quartz countertops and modern shaker cabinets with stainless steel appliances. Next on the list of black and white kitchen ideas for a modern farmhouse is this elegant kitchen with white cabinets, black countertops, and black hardware. This elegant farmhouse kitchen in this Ohio home features a gray washed island and floating wood shelves, complete with white slab cabinets. This stunning open plan Ohio kitchen features high wood beamed ceilings, an island with ample storage, marble countertops and beautiful wood floors.

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Light wood floors, ceiling beams and exposed shelves give this light and airy kitchen a rustic feel. Aged wood further adds to the rustic and welcoming aesthetic of the rustic home. Wood in various forms is essential in a rustic environment such as a country kitchen.

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Wood is the backbone of a farmhouse-style kitchen, whether it’s the exposed beams on the ceiling, cork floors, beautiful cabinets or warm wood countertops. A country house kitchen can combine grey and white furniture with natural wood to make everything look great, albeit fairly minimalist. In addition, such a kitchen can combine black, wood and pastel colors.

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To balance the cool tones of pale blue and the warm tones of mahogany, the rest of the kitchen cabinets, doors and frames, and splashback tiles are all white, as is the breakfast bar top on two levels. Having the majority of your kitchen, rich wood breaks white cabinets. The warmth of wood adds comfort and texture to an abundance of neutral-colored cabinetry and white subway tile.

Chip Tyber, CKD, NCDIQ, of Studio 76 Kitchens & Baths designed this stylish kitchen with an aged walnut kitchen island and farmhouse sink. When you’re looking for a luxury farmhouse kitchen, there’s no better way to go about it than adding double sinks, a backlit island worktop, a quirky built-in sub-zero fridge, and rustic-style tiled floors.

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