9 Classic Black and White Tile Bathroom Ideas

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Here are black and white tiled bathrooms created by readers – let’s take a look at the options they came up with. For the last item on our list, we’ll be focusing on mosaics as the centerpiece of these black and white bathroom tile ideas. Before we digress into whether black is really a color or not, let’s look at some great ways to give your bathroom a modern monochrome look. If you’re looking for a chic new look for your bathroom, consider a black and white palette that’s fresh and luxurious and goes beyond just using tile.

Adding this particular palette to a room’s design allows for many of the same characteristics that have made black and white trendy for generations: classic, timeless, and chic. Whether your taste leans towards ultra-modern or traditional, black and white tiles are a timeless combination that will work in just about any bathroom. Using black and white floor tiles in your bathroom is a stunning way to add some glamor and drama to your space.

9 Classic Black and White Tile Bathroom Ideas 1

Neglected for decades, black-and-white tile flooring is popping up everywhere in bathrooms and becoming a favorite of homeowners again, according to Apartment Therapy. Available in a variety of designs and materials, retro-style tiles fit almost any bathroom space, complement almost any color palette, and are also quite affordable. Laid with a contrasting hexagon pattern in black, these hexagon mosaic tiles are another great bathroom floor tile design.

9 Classic Black and White Tile Bathroom Ideas 2

Another geometric floor pattern, which is a little easier than the previous one, is to install black square tiles at the corners of large white tiles. Then separate some white tiles from the mesh backing to make a hexagonal pattern, glue on the mosaic mesh and place the black tiles in the empty spaces to complete the pattern. To create a similar look, purchase sheets of white mosaic hex tile* (comes with mesh backing) and a few sheets of black hex tile*. 175mm x 200mm black hexagonal floor tile purchased from BIGA+ tile shop.

9 Classic Black and White Tile Bathroom Ideas 3

The floor is tiled with black slate tiles, which you can find at your local tile shop. The upper halves of the wall are covered with oblong black tiles covered with white grout. Some walls are tiled with black tiles with white grout, while other walls are inverted colors.

The white bathtub, mounted on top, has a white edge that sits on top of the black tiles. In this bathroom, the partition is made of black herringbone tiles and features a round gold mirror. The rest of the walls in the bathroom (outside the shower) are also tiled in black.

9 Classic Black and White Tile Bathroom Ideas 4

On the wall behind the bathroom, white marble tiles have gray veins and black grout lines. White 3×6 subway wall tile by Ann Sachs, completed with black grout. This farmhouse-style bathroom is tiled in 300x100mm high-gloss white subway tiles with black grout.

This bathroom is traditionally styled with glossy black tile, with black subway tile in the middle, with white up to the ceiling. The industrial-style black bathroom has a spa-like feel thanks to the stone tiles. This bathroom has white brick patterned tiles on the walls, tub body and backsplash. As shown in the image above, choose the right tile and you’ll have a glamorous hotel-style bathroom in no time.

9 Classic Black and White Tile Bathroom Ideas 5

This beautiful bathroom features cement tile with Bordeaux III pattern from Cement Tile Shop on the floor. This modern and eclectic bathroom features subway-inspired white tiled walls and graphic tile floors. Using curved marble mosaic floor tiles with a black granite profile and Carrara plinth, our overall master bathroom design began to take shape.

My first thought when renovating my bathroom was to go for a black and white plaid like this one from House Beautiful. We chose glossy white tile for the shower walls so that the accent tile is the focal point of the shower. The entire shower room is tiled in plain white from floor to ceiling, but the black grout adds clarity.

9 Classic Black and White Tile Bathroom Ideas 6

The rest of this bathroom features a glossy black and brown backsplash and black and white tiled flooring. Faucets and other fixtures are black, while tiles, cabinets and appliances are white. Black and white bathroom floor tiles don’t have to be staggered and certainly don’t have to look like they belong in a rented house.

It’s easy to change the look just by changing the color of the walls… And since tiles can’t be simpler, ‘white’ and ‘black’, they can be put together relatively cheaply. Or, if you already have white tile on your floor, you can simply paint it black to get the same effect, but for a lot less time and money. If the tiles had the equivalent of a black dress, it would be a white square.

9 Classic Black and White Tile Bathroom Ideas 7

Pair it with any type of subfloor and you’ll have a bathroom that’s ready to stand the test of time. You can make one part of the bathroom black and the rest white. Earlier we considered the black bathroom border as a tiling tool.

9 Classic Black and White Tile Bathroom Ideas 8

Rotate these border tiles with the Greek key * when placing them so that the black triangles meet the white ones. If you’re using a smaller tile, the contrasting grout color will really accentuate the shape of the tile and make it stand out – see how each individual Drops Black tile becomes a highlight in the first image. The oversized mirror and patio door have a black finish, while a black T-side adorns the white tile wall. I love the graphic design with large white marble tiles and black outline.

9 Classic Black and White Tile Bathroom Ideas 9

The patterned floor consists of 8 handmade concrete tiles called “Circulos B Black & White” by Villa Lagoon Tile. Our Grosvenor Black and Abbey Decor tiles are the perfect choice if you want to give your bathroom a monochromatic look. Check out the stunning collection of bathrooms in various styles below, in a black and white color palette that is both classic and elegant.

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