9 Cool Fireplace with Wood Storage Design Ideas

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The clean design of the fireplace itself is complemented by the wooden storage system. The wood storage system matches the fireplace in shape, size and color, and the two materials are a modern combination. Built-in furniture in the family room and breakfast bar is designed to preserve the traditional feel of home.

The lower part became a bar / island with a built-in fireplace and an open firewood compartment accessible from both sides. Such an extremely high ceiling and a fireplace wall that rises all the way to the top are certainly impressive, but what’s more interesting is how the firewood storage draws attention to the center, exactly where it should be. The arched opening adds a certain charm that other cabinets may not have.

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Wall dividers like this one allow you to build a fireplace that can be enjoyed in two zones at the same time, and there is also enough space for firewood underneath. They come with a foldable fireplace wood holder and a suede fireplace holder that you can take out when you need to get firewood from outdoor storage.

Even if you don’t have a fireplace that requires wood, you can store wood in your home for added naturalness and comfort, which is especially good when many of us don’t have access to the outdoors. Wood-burning fireplaces require wood, and storing it in style can be tricky or great, depending on which way you go. A wood-burning stove or fireplace is a luxury this time of year.

9 Cool Fireplace with Wood Storage Design Ideas 02

Cool, chilly weather around the fireplace can exist out of the box and in decorative harmony with the rest of your décor. The design and style of your home shouldn’t be overshadowed by the excessive amount of wood you store here and there. In addition, a neat stack of wood gives your home a rustic and natural look.

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Look at the various pieces of furniture that have storage space to complement the outdoor fireplace area. Each outdoor space offers a unique experience in how it connects the adjacent indoor room and the coastal landscape beyond. With a myriad of styles to choose from, outdoor pots make for attractive home furnishings to house fireplace accessories.

Our unique Allegheny raised floor storage box with fireplace tools will raise your expectations for fireplace accessories. Antique and antique boxes with rich provenance, distinctive details, unique shape and function are a great option for storing firewood.

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From built-in shelving to custom furniture, there are endless ways to add space around the fireplace and give your interior some serious functionality and functionality. This is where the simplification of home and hearth life comes into play with decorative ideas for storing firewood next to the fireplace or nearby fireplace. Arrange firewood on shelves, in a bookcase or in any other piece of furniture – this will make the fireplace the center of the room, and the storage space will turn out to be very original. A round piece attached to the wall is used to store firewood for the fireplace and makes it an interior and furniture design detail.

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This wood-burning cabinet is sure to find its place in your interior, whether next to the wood-burning stove, near the stove, or at the entrance, where it can be used as a bench when placed horizontally. The fireplace wood rack makes it easier to keep firewood close at hand, helps stack and stack firewood neatly, and improves the aesthetics of the fireplace. Place it back on the wood grate so that your logs are neatly stacked next to the fireplace.

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It can be used to keep a lighter close at hand near a fireplace or brazier outdoors and indoors. Compare “ShelterLogic (r) 144” Adjustable Half Lid Firewood Shelf” with other products in the comparison list. Compare “ Landmann 16 ” Steel Canvas Covered Log Holder ” with other products in the comparison list. The high 15.5mm high fence design helps to stack firewood without falling.

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Each of these decorative fireplaces from Conmoto measures 165cm high, 50cm wide and 50cm deep to fit any contemporary home, large or small. Such an idea can consist of various cabinets, consoles, coffee tables and open containers, if desired, they can even be made by hand. I, on the other hand, will adorn myself with an elegant fall party hat when I introduce the home and hearth to decorative firewood storage ideas.

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