9 Cozy Dining Room with Bookshelves Ideas

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Instead of just using large display cases filled with vases, china, or other decorative items, bookcases add another dimension to a dining room that goes beyond mere aesthetics. Dining room shelves not only give you space to organize and store your books, but can also be used as decoration. The bookcase in the dining room works because books are meant not only to be read, but also to be exchanged. Or you can just use a bookcase as a way to create a nook for your dining area.

One way to create balance in a large space is to place bookshelves at either end of the room. Not only do dining room bookcases make an obvious difference, but in homes with open-plan living areas, they’re a great way to separate the dining room from the rest of the living space. Most of the time, bookshelves are placed in the living room, bedroom or home office when there is no spare space in the home library. I fell in love with all the rooms, the home office and of course the living room, family room and even the bedroom bookcase.

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I also love the idea of ​​giving a living room or living room corner a library feel with a pedestal and two chairs. Right now I’m thinking about the idea of ​​adding built-in elements along the kitchen/dining room wall to give that dining room a library feel, as well as adding an extra kitchen and storage space. In terms of what to work with and what considerations we have for this space, this dining room looks like a walkway to the kitchen in many ways as it has three openings and to get into the kitchen you have to go all the way to the table . .

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Technically, the entire room in our house is my kitchen, the world’s smallest dining room (if centered under the lights), and then the “family room”. Even if I clean out the small family room, I still want that wall facing the kitchen to be comfortable, not necessarily part of my dining room, but it still needs to be part of the dining room lol. To get a better idea of ​​what that wall in front of the kitchen looks like, you can check out what it looks like here first.

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I have some ideas about this dining room as a contemporary cottage, with color and warmth, yet fresh and clean, and nothing fancy (and while some of the inspirational photos show various styles of stucco and craftsmanship, don’t worry, we won’t.. Use something artsy in this 1950s Seattle home I recently finished renovating my kitchen, but if you turn around and look at my dining room, all you see is a mess.

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For now, I’m just enjoying the fact that the shelves are gone, the crappy Christmas decorations are gone, and I finally see her in the dining room.

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Notice how the colors of the books on the shelves add flair to the dining space. You will see that the colors of the books and the way they are arranged add to the charm of the space. Books on built-in shelves and other decorative elements perfectly complemented the dining room with chairs of different colors. Of course, these types of books aren’t always suitable for decor, but if you’re looking to create a laid-back atmosphere in your dining room for the whole family, having a handy kid-friendly bookcase is one way to do it.

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Bookcases can be part of versatile dining rooms such as modern, minimalist, traditional, industrial, eclectic and so on. There are also various ways to include them in your dining room. Sometimes using the same style of bookcase in the living room and dining room can achieve the opposite goal and combine two seemingly different and unique spaces. In this example, placing bookcases on each wall gives the room a sense of security, which is great for both libraries and dining rooms, the former providing silence for reading and the latter providing a safe place to enjoy food and good company.

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Placing two sets of open shelves next to each other on the same wall can create the feeling that one room is dependent on the other. If you place a bookcase in the dining area of ​​a common wall, you have the option of positioning it to blend in slightly with the living room by extending it just beyond the “edge” of the dining area, or by building it around the kitchen door. . In most modern homes, a unique dining room has limited space, and modular wall shelves are a smart choice, as wall mounting takes up little to no floor space yet gives the impression of a library-style wall in the background. I also wanted something taller because that wall in front of the kitchen is long and thin so keeping everything at eye level was a bit boring, you needed a big piece of furniture to balance everything out so I built this bookcase on wheels.

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This, in turn, means that I don’t have to push my entire white Christmas tree up my sprawling 18 basement stairs every year, AND I’ll win a lot more space in my basement.

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The choice will transform the dining room into a unique style, where you will find a charming place to have fun with friends and family, as well as where you can read books and disconnect from the rest of the world.

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