9 Cozy Silver and Black Living Room Design Ideas

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9 Cozy Silver and Black Living Room Design Ideas 09

Choose a sleek silver design as a glossy accent wall in a more contemporary eclectic living room. This ultra-modern living room uses white instead of silver as an accent color. The black and white décor pairs perfectly with the silver gray living room. This black and white living room definitely looks more elegant thanks to the silver round coffee table.

Add a white sofa cover to the silver living room furniture, followed by black and white artwork and a large silver fluffy rug for a more relaxed vibe. In a living room with a red sofa, white or silver accents will definitely add glamour to the space. Decorate your living room with artwork on the walls and furniture.

9 Cozy Silver and Black Living Room Design Ideas 01

As you can see from the rooms above, there are many ways to create a gorgeous living room in silver and white. Here we see a living room with two seating areas separated by small tables; we can also see beautiful silver objects on them: vases and a lamp. Set against a silver wall and white rug, oversized tufted sofas lend a vintage freshness to this transitional living room. For the housewife who seeks beauty and total comfort, this living room is a perfect example of how white and silver can be combined using items that evoke a sense of comfort.

9 Cozy Silver and Black Living Room Design Ideas 02

The varying shades of white in this impressive open living room are brightened up by silver hues in the marble fireplace, cushions and decorative accents. Bright white walls and furniture form a canvas, so subtle silver accents and twinkling lights give the room a festive vibe. Another way to make a room interesting is to use different shades of silver and white. If you’re not brave enough to have white furniture, start with a silver gray sofa and add white cushions in a variety of textures to make the room more interesting.

9 Cozy Silver and Black Living Room Design Ideas 03

Or, if you want a silver and gold bedroom, consider the color palette of the rest of your room. If your room has a neutral palette and is mostly white, black, or both, you can mix different metals more freely. If your room has a neutral palette, like white or black, you can mix and match different shades more freely.

If your room has warmer tones, stick with warm-toned metals like copper and gold. If your room is dominated by warm tones such as red, yellow, and orange, use gold as the base metal and silver as the metallic accent.

9 Cozy Silver and Black Living Room Design Ideas 04

Also, if you want to add some pop of color to your living room, silver works well with a variety of accents. The metallic equivalents of modern grey and silver will make your space sparkle. Silver can brighten up your living space while maintaining a proper seasonal look as we enter the colder months.

Because silver instantly brightens up a room, your main living space is the perfect place to add a touch of shiny silver. Whether your home is classic or modern, silver is the perfect color to make your home look elegant and sophisticated. The best part about mixed metals is that it’s an easy way to add a touch of elegance to any room.

9 Cozy Silver and Black Living Room Design Ideas 05

Mixing gold and silver, not to mention all the other metallic shades on the market today, can be intimidating. A small sculpture or even silver and gold display case trim can complement your mixed metal decor. You can add art deco with silver accents or display copper utensils.

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Choose an abstract piece of art for a contemporary look that will appear in your living space. The living room is a great place to display your amazing decorations and furniture – I mean, yes, you can do this anywhere in your home, but usually homeowners display their large collection of little knick-knacks on large ones, vases or tables they want to display or show.

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9 Cozy Silver and Black Living Room Design Ideas 09

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