9 Cute and Simple College Apartment Bedroom Ideas

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Among the best college apartment ideas you’ll find bedroom, living room, bathroom and decorating ideas. Let’s start with some living room design ideas for your apartment. Here are some great college dorm (or apartment bedroom) ideas that you can use to easily decorate your dorm. One of my favorite student apartment bedroom ideas is the minimalist style.

One of my top tips for decorating a bedroom in a student apartment is to stick to the color scheme. One of the easiest, cheapest, and most rewarding ways to decorate a college apartment is to paint the walls a new color. A wall collage is such a cute idea for decorating any white wall in your student apartment bedroom.

9 Cute and Simple College Apartment Bedroom Ideas 1

You will find the cutest decor ideas for every corner of your student apartment bedroom. String lights are one of the best decor ideas for college dorms or bedrooms. These hanging flowers will look cute anywhere in your college bedroom. I love the idea of ​​hanging cute wall lights rather than lamps as it leaves more room for decor on the nightstand.

When decorating a dorm room, an easy way to add character is with pillows. This egg chair will instantly add boho style to your student apartment decor, and these cushions are an inexpensive way to add a fun color scheme. My local store had these cute pillows for $9.97 each, which would be really cute in a college dorm or living room.

9 Cute and Simple College Apartment Bedroom Ideas 1

Rugs are one of my favorite student apartment décor items because they take up no space and are effortless. Rugs are another great way to tie an entire room together, but are also suitable for apartments/dormitories. The carpet will make the apartment less bare and will cover the ugly floor.

If the bedroom is too small for a bed, you can make room for the bed and store other things on the wall. This will make the spare area of ​​the bedroom relatively concentrated and easy to move around.

9 Cute and Simple College Apartment Bedroom Ideas 2

A raised bed is the perfect way to get plenty of extra space in a small dorm or college apartment. Add will free up a bathroom for your roommates and can be so cute if you decorate it well. A bathroom shelf is a great way to add more shelves above the toilet if you can make holes in the wall.

If your student apartment is tight on space, you can use shelves to place small decorations or store items. Wall shelving can help make your dorm less crowded while still including items that showcase your particular style. A multifunctional piece of furniture is a great way to save space in an already small apartment. If your apartment is too small to fit a full sofa, try thinking of a large chair like the one in the image below.

9 Cute and Simple College Apartment Bedroom Ideas 2

Luckily, today I’ve put together a college apartment decorating idea that can help you choose furniture and home furnishings that can save space for small spaces. While decorating your new space can be fun, it can be difficult to find ideas and decor that match the look you’re looking for. Maybe most students only have a small college apartment, and sometimes they get confused about the decor of the room.

Planning what your college bedroom will look like can be difficult. Now that your high school graduation is over, it’s time to explore dorm room ideas to make your dorm feel like home.

9 Cute and Simple College Apartment Bedroom Ideas 3

We hope you enjoy our tips and ideas on how to decorate a small college dorm. If you have been following my blog for a long time, you may have seen my post and video titled Small Bedroom Decor Ideas and Space Saving Hacks. Check out this mood board I made for your first apartment filled with really cute yet affordable bedroom decor. I’ve moved from there so my room is a bit bigger now and I have a different decor, so happy to share it with you.

9 Cute and Simple College Apartment Bedroom Ideas 4

One of my favorite bedroom tricks in small apartments is adding a large mirror somewhere in the room. Mirrors can make any room look bigger and give you the chance to check yourself out before you leave. Mirrors not only control your appearance, but also make your room appear larger, which is extremely important in small spaces. A dark room can hide all the scratches and rough colors on the walls.

A minimal amount of decoration will help your room appear brighter and cleaner, even if it’s a very small space. Maintaining cleanliness and order in the apartment is a decor in itself.

9 Cute and Simple College Apartment Bedroom Ideas 5

If you don’t like dingy vibes, you’re in luck, because when it comes to making an apartment look good, decor is everything. The best college dormitory decoration not only has personality, but also creates a warm “home away from home” space.

Many college dorms have concrete walls that make it uncomfortable to lean on the bed. Most colleges and apartment complexes don’t allow holes to be drilled into the walls, so this can be tricky if you have large framing to use for trim.

9 Cute and Simple College Apartment Bedroom Ideas 6

Every small college apartment needs a work area, so I chose this $59 multipurpose desk that doubles as a bedside table and vanity. If you live in a shared apartment, I recommend that you bring a face mirror with you to put on your desk. A beautiful entryway table is the perfect addition to your living room and offers space for your decor and a place to store your keys when you are in charge of your apartment.

9 Cute and Simple College Apartment Bedroom Ideas 7

I love the idea of ​​using an old chest of drawers as an entertainment center because you can use its drawers as a closet and save precious square footage in your living room or bedroom. I love this idea because you can use something as simple and inexpensive as a cork board to make a very cute jewelry organizer.

Since I know you students are on a tight budget, I have linked inexpensive furniture items that you can purchase. There are plenty of cute wall hangings on Amazon and Urban Outfitters, so you’re sure to be able to find one that matches the decor style of your student apartment.

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