9 Easy Baby Dresser Organization Ideas

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One way to store baby clothes and keep yourself organized is to use dividers. We used a large chest of drawers with several drawer organizers to separate the child’s clothes. A great idea for storing baby clothes is to use drawer organizers in your dresser. Children’s clothes are so small that it can be helpful to use a drawer organizer or even a piece of cardboard to keep things separate.

If you have limited space, such as when your child is in your room most of the time, consider using a clothes storage cart. If you’re short on space or just want to be careful with what you have, gather and put away the oversized clothes your child won’t be using anytime soon. If you don’t have a lot of space in your dresser, you don’t have to store large clothes in a drawer. Believe me, you should allocate at least one drawer or shelf in the kitchen for storing children’s things.

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If you use the top of the dresser for changing diapers, it makes sense to use the top drawer to store and organize your diaper essentials. Since we use the chest of drawers as a changing table, which is perhaps the best use of space, I put the diapers and an extra pack of tissues in the drawer. We originally had a towel dispenser in a drawer, but in the end we decided it was easier to keep it on the chest of drawers to the right of the changing table. Simply place the changing table on top of the chest of drawers and then use the drawers to store diapers, wipes, creams and baby clothes.

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If you’re also using your bedroom dresser as a changing table, you’ll probably want to store diapers, wipes, ointments, and creams in the top drawer. Install drawer dividers for the nursery to keep your child’s clothes from moving after being folded and stored. You can use divider drawers or containers to organize baby dresser drawers where applicable. Drawer dividers will help you increase the space in each drawer and help you keep your chest of drawers organized.

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Organizer boxes or dividers placed directly in dresser drawers allow you to separate clothing categories and find them easily. Use this drawer organization system and fold your clothes so you can see them clearly. You can also use chalk to mark the size of the clothes you put in each drawer, as kids outgrow their clothes so quickly. Once you know what you’ll be folding and storing in the nursery, you need to decide what type of clothes fit in each drawer.

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When I started to organize one of the dresser drawers, I first pulled out all the contents and sorted everything into piles. I put everything in neat piles and fold it so that it is better visible in the drawers of the chest of drawers. Also, since they outgrow clothes so quickly, it’s great to organize drawers so you can see everything and make sure they can wear it all at least once before they get too big.

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We love that baby clothes are neatly folded and laid out horizontally so we can see every item in one drawer. The best way to organize small baby items like pacifiers is to use small plastic baskets that can fit in drawers or on chests of drawers and shelves. Coats are sometimes too bulky to fit in storage bags, so many parents use size tags to hang them between these items to keep them separate and organized. Our house also has packs of tissues in the top left drawer, along with lotion, diaper cream, and other baby care products (in the little IKEA box you see on the back).

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This is (obviously) the most used dresser drawer and it is very important that it stays organized at all times. I also deliberately placed this drawer to the left of the chest of drawers so that it can open at the same time as the top two drawers on the right, which hold most of Chloe’s clothes. This drawer holds all of our size 1 diapers and once our family revisits them I will probably continue to use this extra diaper drawer that won’t fit in a diaper drawer (because the average pant size can’t fit a full box ). diapers). Once that stash is gone, I’ll probably use this toy box – I have a small bin in my closet right now, but I know the toys won’t last long as they accumulate at a rather alarming rate. indicator.

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Some baby clothes can be hung and stored in drawers (if you have space), but for the most part, containers are the best solution for an open closet. Another brilliant kid’s room storage idea is to fold folders for your child’s things.

Another tip for organizing your child’s dresser is to store clothes that are too big for their size. Organizing clothes by size is also key to easily changing your wardrobe as your child grows.

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To maximize space and efficiency in your child’s dresser, you can purchase drawer organizers. I highly recommend using drawer organizers to keep clothes from slipping all over the place to ensure a comfortable and tidy look.

Place this diaper holder on a chest of drawers to keep baby’s essentials in order and provide easy access to things that are used frequently every day. Highlight the top right drawer in your child’s dresser for diapers, wipes and creams so you always know where to find diapers.

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I use the right bottom drawer for 3 to 6 month old wash clothes: socks, overalls, trousers, pajamas, long sleeve overalls, short sleeve overalls, baby pants and extra bibs. In the first drawer I put socks, hats, bibs, burps and diapers. We try out cloth diapers (I’m still pretty scared but was really excited to try it) so I keep cloth diaper pads in this drawer for easy access.

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