9 Elegant Corner Fireplaces with Stone Design Ideas

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Stone corner fireplace ideas tend to be the most sought after as stone lends a natural, raw feel to the overall design. The stone corner fireplace uses natural stone as such, in contrast to the uniformity of many of the other styles shown above, giving it a more “authentic” look than many other options. Natural stone fireplace cladding remains one of the most popular design styles for all home styles. Many people assume that natural stone and stone cladding are only for rustic or traditional fireplaces, but there are many ways to use stone in modern settings as well.

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate the beauty of stone veneer into your home, consider one of these 12 fireplace designs. Get the best fireplace design with stone veneer, use one of these 12 designs, or create your own and make a beautiful statement in your home that you can be proud of. Contact La Crosse Fireplace and our design experts will help you choose the perfect stone for your fireplace. Whatever type of fireplace you have, whether it’s a corner piece like this corner fireplace, a more traditional center wall unit, or even a double-sided pillar fireplace, natural stone cladding is a great choice for basic upholstery.

9 Elegant Corner Fireplaces with Stone Design Ideas 01

This bypass fireplace is the perfect place to host a party any time of the year, and the textured stone captures the glow of the lights beautifully, complementing the entire area. The fireplace makes good use of this angle and matches with the appropriate stone. Add a solid seat and you’ll further enhance the quality of the room with this brick corner fireplace. While its corner fireplace isn’t the focal point of the room, this gorgeous stone fireplace is definitely the focal point of the space.

9 Elegant Corner Fireplaces with Stone Design Ideas 02

Its corner fireplace fits perfectly into the nook of this midcentury-inspired living room from Mary Anne Smiley Interiors. In this case, interior designer Susie Hersker didn’t bend the fireplace to fit the corner of the living room, but decided to place it on one of the walls and create a layered outside corner configuration. This stacked stone wall with a simple electric fireplace between the stacks is a great addition to this open plan bedroom. The fireplace is large and impressive, and the stone complements the earthy tones of the room.

9 Elegant Corner Fireplaces with Stone Design Ideas 03

Electric fireplaces in corner rooms do not need ventilation holes and can be easily placed in any room. An interesting feature of corner electric fireplaces is that they are not connected to any wall.

Fireplaces aren’t as common in bathrooms as they are in bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas of the home, but adding one can make a beautiful statement. You can find similar fireplaces in many stores, or change the concept and choose something with less glass and more wood or stone. You can use the stone or brick in this photo, or build some wood around it and then fill the fireplace itself with brick or stone, depending on the material or materials that best suit your style.

9 Elegant Corner Fireplaces with Stone Design Ideas 04

One way is to use stones in geometric patterns around the fireplace. Whether you have a rustic corner fireplace or a modern look, a unique and fun way to change up your fireplace is to use a different grate at different times of the year.

9 Elegant Corner Fireplaces with Stone Design Ideas 05

For a clean, modern and minimalist look, consider some corner gas fireplace ideas. This corner stone fireplace features a sophisticated modern veneer that brings an elegant and rustic feel to your living room. Made of large stones that form beautiful vaulted and solid wall sections, this fireplace is one of the most beautiful and rustic looks of a corner fireplace.

9 Elegant Corner Fireplaces with Stone Design Ideas 06

This rounded fireplace makes the entire living space unique and luxurious. A warm gas and wood-burning fireplace and accent lighting in all corners is the best thing for a cold autumn evening. The wooden details of this room, the gilded iron body of the fireplace and the curved fireplace niche make it a piece of paradise at any time.

9 Elegant Corner Fireplaces with Stone Design Ideas 07

If you have a compact living room but overlooking the horizon, here is a modern industrial living room fireplace that looks formal, minimalist yet comfortable, a well thought out style with a glossy corner marble fireplace wall fading into a glass wall. which leads to the courtyard. For some whitewashed brick charm, here’s a corner kitchen fireplace that’s best suited to your white country house wall. If you want the most stylish and modern men’s cave, having a platform not only for the fireplace but also for display cases, you can literally put your corner fireplace on a literal pedestal with this view here.

9 Elegant Corner Fireplaces with Stone Design Ideas 08

Taking advantage of this interior’s strong rustic vibe, the Pearson Design Group’s design team created a seamless, seamless transition between the corner fireplace and the adjacent wall. In this Berkshire Buff fireplace, the side stripes push it forward a bit, while the warm colors of the stone complement the design of the rooms and help create the spa atmosphere people often crave in the bath.

9 Elegant Corner Fireplaces with Stone Design Ideas 09

Height can be deceiving, especially when the main component of the fireplace is a horizontal piece, such as stone panels stacked on top of each other, which makes the vertical metal insert all the more important to the design and style of that fireplace. Another reason we really like the architectural metal insert of this corner fireplace is that the color of this insert goes very well with the color mix of the ocher color stone panels. Updated corner fireplaces can boast an austere modern temperament, with geometric rather than classical sensibilities, or stay true to their more traditional stone counterparts.

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