9 Gorgeous Sage Green Dining Room Ideas

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You can see on BHG that sage green is a lovely color for a farmhouse dining room. From laundry to kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms, your home is sure to benefit from sage green walls.

Incorporate this soothing color into walls or room furniture with parquet floors, butcher countertops, stone tiles, and other natural finishes. Add stylish color to your home with these sage-colored decorating ideas.

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“This soothing color works great when paired with darker shades of green from the same color family,” says Erica Welfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr Paint. The versatility of sage green makes this soothing color an easy choice for living areas, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

In all its gorgeous hues, soothing green is as calming as it is powerful, able to make a gentle statement in any decor style. The calming effect of the color is attributed by the expert to its bow to nature: this shade of green relaxes people just like a house full of indoor plants. An organic shade of green is ideal for use in small living rooms as it creates a richer and more vibrant atmosphere.

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This method of landscaping works best if you have a black and white dining room. If you want to give a farmhouse or dining room a retro feel, a light green hue on the ceiling paired with yellow or white walls is perfect. However, choose the shade of green you want for your walls carefully, because in the long run, only the color you absolutely love will work. Using green in a dining room means knowing what works best for your home and choosing a hue that complements the interior’s existing style and color scheme.

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One of the benefits of green is that the darker shades of the color look beautiful and work well with lighter shades even in a small dining area. The dining room is one of the best places to try out this color before using it in other rooms of the house. Green pairs well with other bold colors like red, yellow, and blue, so you can add it to an existing dining space with no problem. Move to boring beige walls – the bright, luxurious color is back, and there’s no better place to experience the richness of a restaurant.

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This modern living room features gorgeous chairs with pink velvet accents that pair beautifully with the chalk green paint on the walls. This gorgeous pink living room sofa idea is a fresh take on classic pink and sage that can be as pretty as you like. Upholstering the living room in soft sage chenille fabric adds a subtle color scheme to an elegant neutral living room. Traditional elegance In this delightful bookcase, designer Eleanor Jones focused on the richly detailed mantelpiece and built-in bookcases, choosing a softer shade of sage green for the walls, then repeating the color in a darker shade on the armchair upholstery.

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The choice of subtle variations of sage color for the room’s walls, window trim, upholstery and carpet created a calm yet undeniably rich look. Natural Beauty In this eclectic bathroom, designer Mary Jo Fiorella used sage color on an accent wall to create a colorful contrast to the neutral tones in the rest of the space. A lighter shade of sage like Juniper Breeze makes rooms feel light and airy, especially when paired with lots of white.

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For a soothing monochrome color scheme, start with a light sage green (Erika Wölfel suggests Behrs Zen PPU11-14), then choose a few darker shades for an accent color. Add creams and whites for balance, sticking to colors with a slight grey-green tint to achieve uniformity. Use an even mix of pale green and soft beige as shown in this neutral living room idea.

In a brightly lit room, it’s a good idea to paint the living room walls a flat, dull forest green, as this will soften the glare. Here, a green cabinet is pushed up against the wall in the same tone for a stylish effect.

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The sage green fits in as an accent to the geometric pattern of the window panels, which work almost like a work of art in a sun-drenched family room, providing focus and punching through the long glass wall. Sage green furniture is a welcome change from items we’re used to seeing in brown or gray (such as a dining table, side table, or chest of drawers). Filled with natural light, high ceilings and pleasing views, decorating these dining spaces in sage green creates a pleasant bond between home and garden.

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Invigorating, invigorating, fresh and uplifting green dining rooms create a good mood. Farrow & Balls Natural Bright Green living room ideas will help you get inspired with the colors and decor of your living room. Whether you want the drama of forest greens, opt for playful accents of lime green, or go classic with muted sage green, there’s a look here to inspire any living room idea, large or small, blessed with or without light.

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To maintain a predominantly neutral color scheme, opt for creamy whites and metallics like rose gold to add the richness and warmth of sage green freshness, suggests San Diego-based interior designer Susan Spath. Color Wash Pale blue is often perfect for spa-style bathrooms, but sage works just as well—or even better, as the color is less expected.

The hue is the shade of the moment: gray paired with eucalyptus, rich enough to make a statement, yet subtle enough to serve as the perfect starting color for neutrals. Sage, olive and wood combine with clean lines to create a calm and bright living space. This farmhouse bathroom is lovely and the sage green bathtub is quite vibrant and if you look in the mirror you can see they have a white-gray-striped roman shade – a brilliant way to tie everything together.

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