9 Innovative Bathroom Ideas with Walk in Closet

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If you want to go to the toilet, you must go through the attached bathroom. An example of a master bathroom that connects the bedroom to a large dressing room/cloakroom at the back of the house. The wardrobe really looks like a small functional passage leading to the main bathroom.

If you choose to donate it to another closet shop, you’ll have to climb through piles of stuff to get to another room, in this case the bathroom. You really wish you had a bigger bathroom, but you know a closet would be more useful. For example, it can be seen that the size of the bathroom here is not too large, so it is impossible to include a bathroom with a shower cabin in the project. Also, there is another detail you can consider when designing a master bedroom bathroom like this one.

9 Innovative Bathroom Ideas with Walk in Closet 1

The master bedroom’s floor plan is getting bigger, where the walk-in closet and bathroom are located, so you have to walk through one to get to the other. As you can see in the previous floor plan, you need to walk down the hallway to the old bathroom. The floor plan required the homeowner to enter the bedroom first, then through the ensuite bathroom to the walk-in closet.

9 Innovative Bathroom Ideas with Walk in Closet 1

The open closet is especially popular with homeowners who prefer an open floor plan. Fitting a closet opening with attractive wooden shelves can actually increase storage space in a small bathroom. Borrowing some space from your main bathroom to expand it into a larger walk-in closet can offer an easy way to expand your storage space without completely sacrificing your bathroom space.

Even a small bathroom can probably accommodate a small linen closet or an extra linen closet. Another example is the linen closet, which takes up little space in the dressing room. The largest bathroom has a round bathtub, a double washbasin and a fairly large linen closet.

9 Innovative Bathroom Ideas with Walk in Closet 1

In front of the custom-made bathroom cabinet, there is a free-standing bathtub that overlooks the garden. Further in the open master stateroom is a large walk-in closet and custom bathroom cabinetry, while a skylight window adds natural light to the space. The closet will become an element that unites the bedroom and bathroom. Your bathroom will double as a corridor to access the main toilet.

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The inherent limited access that comes with having to walk through the bathroom to get to the closet makes the closet space quieter and more private. The question of whether it is better to go through the main toilet to get to the bathroom, or to place the closet first and go through it to get to the bathroom, is a hotly contested topic among new home buyers. In this case, it is preferable to go from the bathroom to the wardrobe, rather than vice versa. For example, if someone is in your room and suddenly wants to go to the master bathroom, he will see everything that is in the closet.

9 Innovative Bathroom Ideas with Walk in Closet 2

If you close the bathroom door, your spouse will have to wait until you’re done in the bathroom before he can get a sweater or other piece of clothing from the main closet. You can lock your closet without restricting access to the bathroom, making your belongings more secure. The coolest thing about this bathroom is that it has a door next to the master bedroom entrance, making it easy for occupants to access the moment they enter the master bedroom.

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If the closet is next to the laundry room, that would be ideal. Making a closet in the same place as the laundry room is an important decision. The closet needs doors to close all things to keep it clean. This type of closet ensures that there is less chance of odors entering the bedroom.

9 Innovative Bathroom Ideas with Walk in Closet 3

Increasing the size of the walk-in closet would have reduced the size of the bathroom overall, and changing the door would not have solved the problem. This will include moving and creating a larger shower, expanding the closet, adding more closet space, keeping a separate dresser area, and arranging the location of cabinets in both the bathroom and walk-in closet. When considering whether to create a new walk-in closet or a larger bathroom, a larger bathroom can be helpful if, for example, you are in dire need of more shower or countertop space.

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Deciding whether to expand the bathroom or create a walk-in closet instead is a common decision for those looking to update their master bedroom. The pros and cons of moving from the main closet to the bathroom or vice versa are fairly evenly distributed between the pros and cons, making the decision personal to every homeowner. If you have a project plan right now to build a new sleeping area to overhaul the old one, it will help you draw inspiration from the plans for the master bedroom with bathroom and walk-in closet.

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To balance luxury and practicality, you can “extend” your bathroom space (without actually renovating) by turning the extra space into dual-purpose storage: a cross between a walk-in closet and bathroom storage. You can store clothes and sheets. Our main goal was to redo the entire master bath, walk-in closet and half bath without using a credit card. Our monthly project is a superb bathroom remodel in Fayetteville, NY featuring a large walk-in shower, walk-in closet and vanity with his and her sinks and custom white cabinets. The original master bathroom, master bedroom and bespoke interiors are breathtaking, while improved storage and functionality transform the client’s daily life.

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