9 Rustic Dining Room Light Fixture Ideas

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Walk into any home improvement center or lighting store and you’ll be amazed by the variety of restaurant lighting options. Rustic dining room lighting choices will reflect the same organic materials. The rustic design can also be proudly displayed in the living room, hallway, kitchen and dining room. Ceiling lights are also standard lighting in hallways, kitchens and dining rooms and can be sophisticated or rustic, depending on the decor.

Recessed light fixtures are great for small dining rooms or rooms with low ceilings. Even better if you happen to have lighting in the form of recessed cans or track lights around the room. Simple track lighting is another light style that looks good on a modern dining table.

9 Rustic Dining Room Light Fixture Ideas 1

Complement rustic overhead lighting with well-placed lamps where needed. Different bedroom lighting combinations can include floor lamps, ceiling lights, and bedside lamps. General lighting can be dazzling, adequate, but dull, mundane or inadequate, but most often it is provided by a single lamp in the center of the room.

9 Rustic Dining Room Light Fixture Ideas 1

By choosing chandeliers and other chandeliers in a variety of sizes and designs, you can enhance the style of your home with just one change to a room. The chandelier designs now feature elements of modern, industrial, agricultural and rustic design. Rustic style chandeliers are characterized by wrought iron structure and bronze finish.

9 Rustic Dining Room Light Fixture Ideas 1

It will suit your classic mountain retreat or modern farmhouse. If you like bohemian or eclectic décor, you can make a simple chandelier by wrapping pendant lights or garlands around a wooden branch and hanging it from a string over your dining table.

9 Rustic Dining Room Light Fixture Ideas 1

You can hang a rustic chandelier or pendant light from the ceiling and place wall sconces on either side of the living room. In a rustic setting, a centrally located forged metal or flared chandelier will instantly set the tone for furniture and accessories, and can be essential rustic lighting for a cozy evening in front of a crackling campfire. A chandelier in a rustic dining room, living room or bedroom can be made from tree branches, faux horns, rustic metal and wood.

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Rustic dining room chandeliers combine an artful mix of metal, wood and glass to create a look that complements a casual dining room and suits more formal décor. Whether you prefer a rustic, traditional style or a more modern look, wood fixtures, furniture and decorative accents offer something unique at all ends of the furniture spectrum. From handcrafted furniture to our favorite rustic modern fixtures, we can’t get enough of the beautiful look of wood. Whether you have a log cabin or a stone castle, we can fulfill your wishes so that rustic style lighting blends in with the rest of your décor, illuminates every corner of your space, and also saves you money.

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Antique Farmhouse helps you get the most out of your home with antique and shabby chic furniture, lighting and decor. Watch the video below to learn how to turn an old barn beam into a chandelier above a rustic dining table and chairs. Use rustic lighting in your entryway or foyer to instantly show off your interior decor aesthetic.

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Perfect Design The farmhouse lighting has a classic geometric trapezoid design with ORB (Oiled Bronze) wire like a wood-metal frame and an ORB colored mesh lampshade semi-open with five retro Edison bulbs. We love how the rustic openwork lampshade hides five 100W bulbs (not included) that diffuse ambient light around the room, and two adjustable rods hang this linear pendant from the canopy above. Dining room lighting trends include large single pendant lights, bare Edison lamp clusters, and linear pendant lights.

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If you have the budget for luxury dining room lighting, crystal chandeliers are a proven option. Rectangular glass panels, long popsicle-inspired decor and coloured crystals are the accents of the designer dining room lighting fixtures. New chandelier fixtures may have simple square glass boxes around each bulb, attached to bronze or black metal brackets.

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