9 Small Bathroom Ideas With Tub

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As you browse this small photo gallery of bathroom ideas, take note of any storage, decorating ideas, or layout designs you like—who knows, maybe you’ll learn to love your small, efficient space. These small bathroom ideas are designed to create compact spaces that are not only large and functional, but also very stylish. When it comes to interior design, size doesn’t matter, you can still get the bathroom of your dreams even if the space is small.

One of the benefits of having less space is that material costs will be lower, so you can opt for luxurious materials such as quartz or marble that will make even a small bathroom shower look luxurious. The use of glass shower doors and floor-to-ceiling tiles in the bath also enlarge the small space. Bronze accents break up the white design, while penny tile in the bathtub makes the space look taller. Coloring the bathtub in color is also distracting, and if you’re looking for flooring ideas in a small bathroom, wide floorboards will make the floor space appear larger.

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Make a statement in your half bathroom with bold or patterned floor tiles. Step out of (or into) your comfort zone with bold tile to create a trendy bathroom – just make sure you balance it with plenty of lighting. By simply painting the tiles around your bathtub a bright color like black, you can add drama and depth to your bathroom.

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Light-colored tiles can make a small bathroom look larger because they reflect more light than darker colors, giving it an airy and spacious feel. A bright yellow ceiling and shower screen make this beautiful bathroom a true focal point, while spotlights and white tiles brighten the space. Lighting is often overlooked in bathroom design, and many rely on a single ceiling bulb, but adding lights around the room, especially wall sconces, is one of the easiest ways to make a small bathroom feel comfortable. feel more. Rashida Gray and Kelly Mason recommend using multiple lights in the bathroom, no matter how small, to make it more open, airy and balanced.

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Brightness, notes Rashida Gray, helps make a space feel much bigger and saves you having to worry about the “right way” to include color without downsizing your bathroom. A roof window is a great way to decorate a windowless bathroom without trying to add a window on the wall. This will keep the rest of the bathroom dry and also allow the eye to see the bathroom in full size.

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Raise the ceiling with this budget bathroom idea by covering it with cardboard and extending it a few inches along the walls for a canopy effect. A damp room is a great way to make the most of a small space, and it’s simply fantastic when designed in a beautiful designer style like this.

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Perhaps the most important consequence of a specially designed small tub is that it can be placed across the room rather than against one of the long walls. For many of these small rooms, bathroom is a misnomer because the bathroom itself is missing. Installing the tub exactly at the end of the bathroom leaves the most space. If you’re short on space, it’s much better to focus on a shower stall or a beautiful bathtub than end up with a cramped bathroom.

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However, try to use enclosed storage space as much as possible, as any degree of clutter automatically makes a small or cramped bathroom feel claustrophobic. Sometimes it is possible to insert a small oval bathtub diagonally into the corner of a narrow bathroom, but the floor behind it remains inaccessible. This is a common problem in small bathrooms that need to work in everyday life. While a white bathroom is the best choice for opening up a small space, it can sometimes feel a bit harsh if the entire room is white.

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Wallpaper will brighten up any room, and the bathroom is no exception. Often homeowners add a room divider to an existing bedroom to create a private bathroom; others will take an existing wardrobe or closet and turn it into a bathroom. Within the bathroom, a small investment can make a big leap with a subway tile accent wall. A small bathroom can accommodate a bathtub – and a beautiful bathtub that deserves to be the center of attention – as long as you choose a design created specifically for the space.

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If you’re remodeling, think about your bathroom’s needs first so you can strategically choose items that work for them, then make them dual-use as furniture and storage. If your room has a bathtub or shower (rather than a closet), be sure to purchase one specifically for bathrooms that can withstand heat and humidity. Consider how the bathroom color will look on all four walls – in a small space, it can be stunning if it’s dark or bold; or it can make a room look completely lacking in character if it’s pale – and this is where you need to be smart about adding patterns and textures to complement this color.

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If you’re doing a complete bathroom remodel and don’t need a lot of countertop space, consider a small corner sink instead of a regular sink/sink installation. Get inspired by RVers and install a corner cabinet with a small sink. A spectacular illuminated vanity mirror should be on your list of minimalist bathroom ideas.

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