9 Small Couch Ideas for Your Bedroom

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This is another layout with a small sofa against the far wall of the bedroom. When located here, a small sofa practically does not occupy usable space and does not clutter up the passages to the bedroom. If you’re overly aware of available floor space, consider placing a small sofa next to your bed against the farthest wall (or window).

If your bedroom is large enough, you can create a separate new space by using a sofa located in the center of the near center of the room. The sofa in the bedroom is great for reading or relaxing and can be another comfortable spot in your bedroom besides the bed. When properly positioned, a sofa in a bedroom can greatly enhance the aesthetics of a space.

9 Small Couch Ideas for Your Bedroom 1

There are actually small king size sofas that will enhance the look of your bedroom like the one pictured above. While it’s just as comfortable and charming as a traditional sofa, a curved sofa can fit more comfortably into your bedroom, depending on the layout. If the ceilings are low, a shorter sofa with a lower back height can give the illusion of a more open space.

According to Wayfair, the average sofa is about 84 inches long, as opposed to the sofas below which are up to 49.5 inches long. Due to different styles such as living rooms, two seater sofas, and sectional sofas, small sofas can be up to 80 inches wide and 45 inches deep.

9 Small Couch Ideas for Your Bedroom 1

Add some extra comfort to your modest spaces with small sofas. Small sofas for small spaces are also available in brighter colors to make a statement in your small room. Browse mini sofas for small spaces to find items that fit perfectly into your home.

Before you go shopping, dust off the various sofas available. That’s why we have a huge selection of sofas to make sure you find your perfect piece of furniture.

9 Small Couch Ideas for Your Bedroom 2

Available in a variety of sizes, designs and price ranges, you can find a sofa to suit your aesthetic taste and budget. With over a dozen colors to choose from, and styles ranging from contemporary, transitional, rustic, mid-century modern, traditional and glamorous, you can’t wait to find the exact sofa to suit your preferences. At Bassett Furniture, you can design the perfect small sofa to suit your style and preferences.

At Bassett Furniture, you’ll find small sofas that maximize both comfort and the limited space you have. Luckily, there are many great apartment-sized sofas on the market, so you can still find seats to match your style and small space. When a two-seat chair is too small and a regular-sized sofa is too big, your solution is a two-seat chair designed for small spaces.

9 Small Couch Ideas for Your Bedroom 3

A small sofa can give you a little more wiggle room while maintaining less floor space than a full-size or sectional sofa. Obviously, if your living room doesn’t have room for a full-size sofa, an armchair for two is the perfect solution. If you have a large living room, pair it with a traditional L-shaped sofa and place a coffee table between them. If the room itself is not very large, choose seats with a smaller overall width, such as a two-seater sofa or an apartment sofa.

9 Small Couch Ideas for Your Bedroom 4

If you have space in your bedroom, your bedroom for a separate living room, adding a couple of chairs in front of your sofa can make that space in your room the right place to host close friends for private gatherings. Having a sofa at the foot of the bed is a smart way to furnish a bedroom and make the most of the available space. Adding curtain rods to your bedroom ceiling can separate your bed from any seating area and make your bedroom sofa truly an extra personal living room. Add extra coziness to your living room with small sofas.

9 Small Couch Ideas for Your Bedroom 5

This layout is perfect for the homeowner who wants a sofa as a little accent that won’t get in the way. This is a sofa that converts into a crib so your child can use it however they want. In this bedroom, there are two oversized armchairs at the foot of the bed, and a royal sofa across the room. This bedroom is quite large, but the corner sofa in the windows seems to take up a fair amount of floor space.

9 Small Couch Ideas for Your Bedroom 6

When you think of a bedroom sofa, you might shudder at the thought of a huge giant sofa taking up precious space in your elegant bedroom. Residents of small spaces might think a sofa is out of the question, but there are tiny options that even fit into a studio apartment. This small lounge chair from Anthropologie can fit into your small space.

If you have a restrained palette, check out this collection of mini sofas for small spaces that will match your color scheme. Armchairs for two are the ancestor of 1930s Art Deco furniture, while apartment sofas retain the look of full-size sofas.

9 Small Couch Ideas for Your Bedroom 7

Keep the space in the room in mind when choosing a sofa, and try to find a balance between filling the room and not overcrowding. If the overall depth of the sofa is too deep for your room, your space may feel cramped. Placing the sofa away from the bed is a great way to use space efficiently. Finding a sofa that fits a particular area, rather than finding a sofa and then trying to fit it into your space, is a more efficient option and a better decorating plan.

9 Small Couch Ideas for Your Bedroom 8

You can find your favourite and most comfortable armchair, sofa or loveseat at Biglots at low prices. Shop Bassett Furnitures’ collection of fun small sofas designed for apartments, studios or rooms with limited space. By adding a sofa that matches your bedding, you can create a cohesive space in your bedroom—use a matching color scheme and pillows to tie the room together. Machine washable cotton sofa covers are also available in a variety of sizes, fabrics and styles for easy care and custom sofa styles.

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