9 Stunning Black And White Outdoor Decor Ideas

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The inspiration for my new summer porch decor started with this black and white floor rug. I think my new summer porch decor might be my favorite look for this space. The addition of a bold black and white rug creates the ideal contrast in this space, allowing me to change the decor and color with the seasons. Regardless of the season, black and white patio decor works well with any garden palette.

This is a durable color combination that will keep you happy for years. Even better, if you’re an adventurous type who likes to change the rhythm from time to time, black and white patio decor can create a simple neutral canvas to add any eye-catching vibrant color. The stark contrast of black and white well decor creates a dramatic look against the lush backdrop of a patio, porch or garden.

9 Stunning Black And White Outdoor Decor Ideas 1

Give your patio a classic contrast with the CB2’s black and white planters. I am obsessed with outdoor patio design and knew I wanted to do a black and white themed patio.

I have found so many great things to use in our backyard this year. Last year I decorated our terrace with a new umbrella, rugs, cushions and decorations. This year I would like to paint the Iron Ore exterior doors, add more seating and a new larger table, install solar lights and generally make this a clean and pleasant place for our family.

9 Stunning Black And White Outdoor Decor Ideas 1

I bought this beautiful piece late last season and it was the basis and inspiration for planning our outdoor patio space this year. I also knew I wanted this beautiful cutaway to complement our dark house (we drew it last year and loved it).

If you’re already familiar with my style, you probably know what designs I really like, but I wanted to make sure I’m keeping an open mind when choosing new furniture for my space, so there’s a little bit of everything here.

9 Stunning Black And White Outdoor Decor Ideas 1

Choose these shades to decorate and make your outdoor space elegant and beautiful. If you are using your patio at night, outdoor lighting will add another dimension to your decor. We love adding texture to outdoor spaces with lanterns and candles.

Since all my furniture tends to be neutral, I like to give space a dimension by adding lots of texture and greenery. Think of a daybed by the fire and an underfoot rug that mixes and matches patterns for added visual appeal. Whether you want something neutral or like to combine patterns, a pillow can help create a sense of organization and comfort in the outdoors.

9 Stunning Black And White Outdoor Decor Ideas 2

Whether you’re sitting by the fire or just reading a book, a garden bench cushion will spice up your regular garden bench. Another Kerry Joyce design, the Modi Square Cushion Cover in Black and White from Restoration Hardware brings another Kerry Joyce earthenware style design to your patio.

Classic and neutral, this black and white outdoor patio or deck will brighten up your space and never go out of style. For ultimate outdoor elegance, check out these Filaki lounge chairs with black and white striped cushions from CB2, designed by Yannis Ellenberger. This casual boho outdoor dining table is full of textures and colors that scream summer. The final and final look is this simple outdoor dining decor in navy blue and neutrals.

9 Stunning Black And White Outdoor Decor Ideas 2

If you like a combination of rustic, modern and a bit of boho, their Global Prep decor is definitely for you. I chose this Emerson indoor/outdoor rug in a neutral black patterned fabric, it has an Aztec print that I love and will be worn again season after season. Serrano Black Carpet for Indoor and Outdoor No matter what size you choose, this neutral Southwestern-style rug in shades of black, cream and gray is made from durable synthetic material that resists staining and fading. Wicker basket made of cotton rope for pots or containers with a plastic pallet. Flower pot for the house and the street. Black and white home decor. HonorableS. 5 out of 5 stars.

9 Stunning Black And White Outdoor Decor Ideas 3

I actually have a black and white striped version of a recent summer outdoor décor from the BHGLiveBetter line for Walmart that I also have on hand for the fireside seating and extra seating.

9 Stunning Black And White Outdoor Decor Ideas 4

Mix white garden furniture with black accessories like blankets, pillows, candle holders and planters, or vice versa, take black furniture and add white accessories. I love a good black and white patio scheme – it’s so crisp and classic, giving you the perfect base to add a pop of color or make your greenery and landscape the vibrant centerpiece of the space. This year I brought an old rustic door that I removed and added these beautiful black geometric mirrors to give the space above the fireplace more depth.

9 Stunning Black And White Outdoor Decor Ideas 5

From bright sunlight accenting your patio to decorative garden tables for green creations, every beautiful accent can change the ambience of your outdoor space. Whether you have a small patio or a large one, spending some time gluing exterior trim can create more living space. Unique outdoor decor goes a step further and makes your home’s landscape look its best.

9 Stunning Black And White Outdoor Decor Ideas 6

Complete your look by pairing charming outdoor décor with a comfortable patio table or chair to enjoy your backyard hideaway all summer long. At HSN, you’ll find a wide selection of outdoor and garden decor items including furniture, lighting, water features, décor, topiary, rugs and seat cushions. Always make sure you’re using the right materials in the right places – not all “outdoor” furniture can withstand the elements – many are labeled as such for patio use only.

From twinkling lights to rugs, “Decor” transforms a patio from a bland stage room into a playful expression of your personal style. While “decor” is hard to define, it’s also what makes a space feel like home.

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