9 Stunning Oak Kitchen Cabinets with Backsplash Ideas

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From some of the popular oak stains, we can see that there can be a variety of colors between different oak kitchen cabinets. Oak also stains well, so your kitchen cabinets get an extra tint from the original.

The best color to use for a gradient backsplash is one that is similar to the hue of the kitchen cabinets. Using a dark, bright backsplash color will make the kitchen pop. Finishing your oak cabinets with the right color will make this material work in your modern kitchen. For a kitchen with brown oak cabinets, an off-white backsplash will create an eye-catching contrast without being too bold or overpowering.

9 Stunning Oak Kitchen Cabinets with Backsplash Ideas 1

If you want to give your kitchen a more sophisticated look, choose a glossy black backsplash to match the oak cabinetry. If you have a stainless steel material in your kitchen that matches your oak cabinetry, a gray backsplash is your best bet. If you’re looking to give your oak cabinetry a modern look, then a gray backsplash is the way to go. For kitchens that pair oak cabinetry with light-colored countertops such as beige, white, brown, or light gray, choose any light backsplash.

9 Stunning Oak Kitchen Cabinets with Backsplash Ideas 1

In this case, the use of golden granite as a backsplash, paired with an orange stained oak cabinet, gives this kitchen an original and organic vibe. Bringing stone mosaic into the interior of the kitchen is so beautiful, expensive and elegant, especially when combined with an oak cabinet. While everyone else also looks sophisticated and beautiful, a black and white graphic backsplash on your oak cabinets also creates an upscale boho vibe that sets it apart from the rest. A white backsplash won’t clash with any color and offers a timeless look that pairs perfectly with any style of oak kitchen cabinetry.

9 Stunning Oak Kitchen Cabinets with Backsplash Ideas 2

Orange may seem like a bold color choice for a kitchen, but it’s actually a color that works great for creating tonal layers in a room with oak cabinets. Green has an earthy tone that blends beautifully with your cabinets. If you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen, you need a color to match your oak furniture.

You can choose a softer shade of blue, such as navy blue, as it will complement the dark patterns in your cabinets. Conversely, you can’t remove color from bright blue or yellow cabinets.

9 Stunning Oak Kitchen Cabinets with Backsplash Ideas 3

For bright cabinets and dark countertops, you can use a white apron. Black countertops also work best with brightly colored cabinets. If both your countertop and kitchen cabinets have a visible pattern, such as oak wood combined with marble countertops, it’s best to avoid putting a third pattern on your backsplash. If different types of kitchen countertops or oak flooring and cabinetry have similar color tones, you can choose a backsplash from the same color range to create a monochromatic color scheme.

9 Stunning Oak Kitchen Cabinets with Backsplash Ideas 4

If the rest of your kitchen, as well as your kitchen cabinets, are warm or neutral, a cold-colored contrast splashback can help balance the energy and add freshness. You can paint the backsplash warm white as it will go with most furniture. While white is best paired with oak, white to beige can also be a good alternative to white. If you want your kitchen to look cool and fresh, add splashes of green and blue to your backsplash.

9 Stunning Oak Kitchen Cabinets with Backsplash Ideas 5

If you’re looking to brighten up an old oak kitchen, choosing a cool dark or bright color for your backsplash can really help draw attention away from your kitchen cabinets and draw attention to other parts of the room. A beige backsplash easily complements oak kitchen cabinets and creates a harmonious overall color palette. If your cabinets are brown, opt for a lighter shade of brown for the backsplash, such as brown to add definition, or for lighter oak furniture, opt for rich chocolate brown marble tiles for a silky and elegant look in the kitchen.

9 Stunning Oak Kitchen Cabinets with Backsplash Ideas 6

Consider painting cabinet blocks, such as lower cabinets, in a contrasting accent color to add interest and variety to a kitchen that seems to be overloaded with wood surfaces. To unify the color scheme of the kitchen, you can repeat the shade of painted cabinets in other kitchen accessories. Cabinets also use light colors combined with dark countertops and backsplashes for a minimalist yet luxurious look. Dark brown cabinets are also suitable for all elements of the kitchen.

9 Stunning Oak Kitchen Cabinets with Backsplash Ideas 7

Orange is not common in the kitchen, and it can look so bright and bold, but paired with the brown of the oak cabinets, they turn out to be the perfect match. While it doesn’t suit every kitchen, more and more homeowners are turning to this pale, muted green hue for their kitchens, including it in wall paint, tile backsplash, and even in their cabinets.

9 Stunning Oak Kitchen Cabinets with Backsplash Ideas 8

It’s true that more and more homeowners are opting for warmer cabinet colors or the brightness and authenticity of natural wood. To stand out in this department, many homeowners require custom colors for their cabinets to reflect their personal preferences and space. In addition, cabinetmakers can provide homeowners with limitless options for choosing the final color of their cabinets.

The photo above shows how the addition of dark hardware, a modern countertop, and a new subway tile backsplash can lighten, brighten, and update oak cabinetry, making it rich and stunning rather than heavy and old. A glass tile backsplash will reflect light into the room, which will help brighten up a kitchen with dark oak cabinets.

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