9 Stylish and Cozy White Living Room Ideas

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A splash of the main colour gives the white living room its focus without unduly disrupting the neutral scheme. Opting for prints that are a color that matches the color scheme of the white living room can provide an understated focal point, although the splash of color also makes for a good complement.

Vintage, muted pillows over white linen chairs can add the splash of color you are looking for, without making a overly bold statement. If you are not comfortable with making a commitment to a splashy couch in your living room, try something smaller, such as a wall piece of classic blue, or accessories that bring the color without too much of a fuss.

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A pillow mix can add warmth to the couch, a fuzzy carpet can add a welcome touch of texture to your floors, and white shades have a way of letting in some nice natural light. Pair clean white walls with a swath of upholstered gray couches and you will get a living room colour scheme that is never going to go out of style.

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A blue-and-white color scheme does not have to be limited to the bath area, and indeed, this living room proves just how striking this color combination can be. For a wonderfully romantic feel, cover your walls in an off-white background with a classic design, like this trellis-leaf pattern, and add linen curtains to your windows so that a gentle breeze of light filters into the room.

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White can be a pretty bare colour, particularly if you are using it on all your walls and ceiling, so to tone it down and make the room feel cozier, introduce lots of textures. A white living room looks sleek and smart when decorated in black accents, but if you are sticking religiously to a monochromatic living room colour scheme, it is really important to ensure you are adding a lot of texture into the room in order to ensure that it feels warm and cozy.

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The biggest advantage is that white will serve as a blank canvas for other areas in your living room, which allows for splashes of colour – maybe in the form of sofas or upholstered furniture – to be added, making it easier to include a mixture of materials. A coat of white paint can accentuate exposed brick walls, adding light, vibrant, modern feeling to a living room, while also subtly adding interest and texture.

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Adding hints of brown living room ideas, like natural wood touches, into a white-decorated scheme can help to inject a dash of color without having to actually add color. In a room that has very little natural light, or in a room that faces north with no direct sunlight, opt for warm white paints, or get inspired by softer gray living room ideas, in order to brighten up the space and create an indoors feel that is cozy. You can give your white living room more life by adding all kinds of colorful decorations: throws and cushions on your couch, pictures on your walls, rugs on your floors.

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Floor-to-ceiling glass windows bathe this white living room in light, and white walls, matching white ceiling, and a soft gray color palette in the furniture make for a soothing, cozy feel. The fireplace takes center stage in this gorgeous room in a white decor. Keeping the beach theme going, the living room uses a white corner sofa with blue cushions, as well as wooden central tables set over a cream-colored circular carpet.

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