9 Stylish and Elegant Scandinavian Dining Table and Chairs Ideas

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If you’re planning to renovate your dining room, check out these Scandinavian-inspired table design ideas. We hope the above dining room design ideas inspire you to design a Scandinavian-inspired kitchen. From complete dining table sets to individual bar stools and even bar furniture, you’re sure to get the perfect look. From matching dining chairs to consoles, buffet tables to bar carts, you’ll find everything your space needs.

From dining tables to dining room furniture like sideboards and chests of drawers, the furniture you choose for your dining room should easily balance style and practicality. At Huset Furniture Melbourne, our dining room furniture, from dining tables to dining chairs and more, is designed to be as functional, beautiful and flawless as our dining room furniture, designed and manufactured to last a lifetime. Browse the Huset collection of contemporary Danish designs, oak dining tables, contemporary dining furniture and tableware to find the best contemporary furniture for your modern life. Beautifully crafted in oak, our gorgeous new dining table sets will garner endless compliments for a gorgeous piece made with popular Scandinavian design elements.

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The Shekabba collection of modern Scandinavian dining chairs combines a dining table design. As you’ll see in this collection of Scandinavian dining tables, Scandinavian dining chairs and Scandinavian dining chairs, functionality doesn’t mean sacrificing beauty. At Chairish, we have a wide range of Scandinavian dining chairs to choose from, making it easy to add the perfect finishing touch to your new dining table. Huset offers a range of contemporary armchairs, natural oak chairs, solid oak furniture and Danish design furniture to decorate your contemporary home with quality designer furniture that matches your personal style.

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At Huset Furniture Melbourne we offer a variety of contemporary Melbourne dining furniture such as bar stools, dining chairs and more in the most contemporary and sought after styles. Our dining furniture collection consists of quality wooden dining tables, dining chairs, cabinets, chests of drawers, sideboards and other quality contemporary dining furniture. The dining tables come with matching Scandinavian chairs, creating a sleek, coordinated finish that will perfectly complement other contemporary furniture in your home.

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With a simple, comfortable shape and a relaxed silhouette, this Scandinavian wood dining chair lends a lightness to the design, making it a great addition to any Scandinavian dining room. J46 adapts to a variety of dining table styles and is also a distinctive centerpiece in other environments. Each chair, designed by Cecilia Mantz, has a simple and classic shape, expertly crafted from high quality materials, making it a great dining table chair. Brought to perfection with meticulous details, My Chair fits perfectly into the dining table, and its sophisticated character blends well with both modern interiors and timeless design classics.

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The well-thought-out design makes the dining chair a comfortable and beautiful companion for dining, working and relaxing. The modern upholstered dining chair was designed by Anderssen & Voll and features an elegant and comfortable seat, sleek legs and high quality upholstery from Kvadrat and Rohleder. Since comfort is completely compatible with Scandinavian style, choose chairs and benches with beautiful upholstery, rather than simple wooden chairs.

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The Scandinavian style dining table is simple and elegant in its minimalist and clean form, and fits perfectly into modern interiors. One of the hallmarks of any Scandinavian-style dining table is the focus on minimalist design while making the most of the beauty of wood. A Scandinavian-style dining table is perfect for those who prefer the look of natural wood and clean lines. While the modernist design trend of Scandinavian dining furniture may be noted as an exception, the classic Scandinavian dining table that keeps getting attention always showcases the natural wood grain in the pieces.

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The most striking element of this dining area is the wallpaper with the image of the forest as a bright background. A painting in the background, white windows and a console light complement the dark wood dining table beautifully. In small dining rooms, style becomes even more practical, and you can even liven up the room with splashes of color and greenery where needed.

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This minimalist white dining table is decorated with bold black bentwood chairs. A combination of yellow and white chairs, randomly arranged around the oval dining table, combines simplicity and style. The gorgeous Wycombe oak dining table features the same gorgeous finish as the extendable round dining table, with soft edges and slender round legs for a luxurious Scandinavian look.

9 Stylish and Elegant Scandinavian Dining Table and Chairs Ideas 09

The black adaptive dining table lives up to its name by providing an adaptable surface ready to meet your everyday needs. Modern Scandinavian design aims to keep things small and clean, making the Barboy Table Cart the perfect dining room accessory. Adaptability is an important part of Scandinavian design, and that means you’ll have an inviting dining room, even if it allows you to try different accents, seasonal hues, and trendy patterns with ease.

9 Stylish and Elegant Scandinavian Dining Table and Chairs Ideas 08

You may only think of indoor tables, but don’t miss the opportunity to create a modern, welcoming and elegant dining area while taking in the view. Modern Scandinavian furniture style is extremely timeless, so when you buy one of our contemporary dining tables, you don’t have to worry about it being out of date due to changes in fashion. If you need more Scandinavian design inspiration, check out my article on the best Scandinavian design coffee tables or the best Scandinavian table lamps.

You can purchase a Scandinavian table with oak legs and a white top in our online furniture store. Exclusive Bolia furniture from Denmark continues to captivate the modern public with its distinctive Scandinavian dining room design. Scandinavian companies’ ethical approach to furniture design ensures that future generations can continue to enjoy the simple joy of stroking, holding and using a Scandinavian dining table with their loved ones for years to come.

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