9 Stylish Decorative Tiles Ideas for Kitchen Backsplash

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If you’re looking to add texture to your kitchen, decorative ceramic tile can be a good option. Glass tile is also a popular choice for modern kitchen backsplashes and comes in an unlimited color palette. Glass tile is available in brick, mosaic, large and small sizes and offers unlimited color and pattern options, making it a great choice for a stunning backsplash.

The surface of metal tiles is not only modern, but also easy to clean, making it an ideal choice for a backsplash. Lightweight 3D mosaic is specially designed for kitchen backsplashes and bathroom backsplashes, it can be easily attached to the wall or removed. Light 3D Mosaic is an ideal product for wall cladding, it can be used in interior decoration, can be used in humid environment, such as bathroom and kitchen, please note that it can not be used in the shower.

9 Stylish Decorative Tiles Ideas for Kitchen Backsplash 1

Pair brick-look subway tiles with a decorative pattern inspired by concrete tiles. Whether you’re looking for a simple, sophisticated style with clean white ceramic tiles in the kitchen or a decorative backsplash for the bathroom, you’ll find a simple option here.

9 Stylish Decorative Tiles Ideas for Kitchen Backsplash 1

Combining patterns and creating custom patterns with The Gardens in the Cloister decorative wall tiles helps you customize your interior for a backsplash, bathroom or fireplace. The best decorative kitchen aprons are also an important aesthetic element of any project. Backsplashes can be subtle or designed to be the focal point of a room.

9 Stylish Decorative Tiles Ideas for Kitchen Backsplash 2

Traditionally, aprons have been the area of ​​small tiles – mosaics, stripes, and 6×6 squares, as you saw earlier in this article. As the tiles get bigger, you’ll see risers made with fewer tiles for a modern, elegant look. Given the large rectangular size of the tiles, look at how clean and modern this backsplash looks, not to mention the veined neutrals.

9 Stylish Decorative Tiles Ideas for Kitchen Backsplash 3

The monochromatic effect of a black and white staggered hexagonal glass mosaic on the backsplash adds a retro-inspired graphic touch, as does this fun polka-dot pattern in this modern kitchen. Whether your kitchen leans more traditional or ultra-modern, a black and white patterned tile backsplash makes for a bold design that keeps most of your other decor understated. Decorative glass backsplash tiles are available in vibrant iridescent colors to add drama and energy to any kitchen. What sets tiles apart from others is that they are transparent and light passes through them, expanding the space and attracting attention.

9 Stylish Decorative Tiles Ideas for Kitchen Backsplash 4

You always want to make sure you choose backsplash tiles that are made from a material that is easy to care for and clean. With a Zellige backsplash surface, you won’t have to worry about removing tomato stains from your walls, even if you have a clean white backsplash like in this elegantly clean kitchen design.

Break the silence with decorative tile inserts in bright colors or artistic patterns, and keep costs down by pairing them with affordable white subway tile backsplashes elsewhere in the kitchen. To create depth and drama by making backsplash tile the centerpiece of your kitchen decor, try choosing colors that complement the overall scheme, like how Azul Cielo Thassos and Carrara Mini Chevron Marble Mosaic Tile complement the rest of the interior. This neutral kitchen. You can also decide to create a combination where you have one understated area with one solid color tile and another in high impact area – you choose a more decorative design that goes with the rest of the tile.

9 Stylish Decorative Tiles Ideas for Kitchen Backsplash 5

This classic approach is especially effective when your square tile is adorned with bold decorative graphic patterns, as you see below. The only exception is the 6×6 encaustic tile featuring a bold decorative design that is modern and contemporary in spirit.

These tiles allow you to personalize a space with one or more motifs. As such, the museum, inspired by the 14th-century English collection of encaustic decorative tiles, showcases the bold geometric and natural patterns found in castles and churches that are still relevant in contemporary interiors. As such, these tiles are authentic 19th century examples from a festive tile manufacturer in Rouen, France. This historical art of decorative tiles has transcended time by centuries and with the advent of new generations, their love for finely colored decorative tiles such as Delft tiles can become part of their interior design repertoire because it is beauty, authenticity and elegance.

9 Stylish Decorative Tiles Ideas for Kitchen Backsplash 6

From traditional and historic homes to luxury and country home interiors, hand-painted Delft tiles add elegance, beauty and history, creating beautiful centerpieces for a kitchen or half bathroom. The patterns common to all of these tiles create incredible interest in the kitchen back wall, half bathroom, bathroom walls and fireplace surround. Ceramic or porcelain backsplash tiles provide a durable, heat-resistant surface that fights the inevitable splashes of oil and sauce while still offering plenty of room for creative kitchen wall decoration.

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Photo by Glen Ellin The Kitchen Studio – Discover kitchen design inspiration You’re probably familiar with wood tile – long, narrow, rectangular pieces of tile that look like wood. Photo from the Kitchen collection – Looking for kitchen design ideas Some of the new large format stoves are available in 18×36 format.

The hood is a custom Lone Star Range Hood and the granite countertop backsplash is hand-painted ADR tiles. Imported from Spain, our 18″ x 18″ Kings Star series ceramic wall and floor tiles exude Old World European elegance.

9 Stylish Decorative Tiles Ideas for Kitchen Backsplash 8

In this contemporary kitchen, elegant Italian wenge wood cabinets are paired with a Carrara marble backsplash. Its durable and glazed properties make this tile an ideal choice for commercial and residential applications including kitchens, bathrooms, showers and entryways. Instead of a white backsplash, use Balinese decorative backsplash tiles for an elegant look. This is a great option to avoid boring glass mosaics that are not as durable as our colorful porcelain tiles.

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