9 Stylish Mid Century Wall Desk Design Ideas

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Find 120 mid-century antique or vintage modern wall table options now, or purchase a selection of 3 contemporary versions from 1stDibs for a more modern take on this long-time favorite. With an extensive range of beautiful furniture at 1stDibs, we have exactly the mid-century contemporary wall table you’re looking for. You’ve been looking for the perfect mid-century modern wall table for a long time – we have versions that date back to the 20th century, as well as those made back in the 21st century.

The well-made mid-century modern wall table has long been part of the offerings of many furniture designers and manufacturers, but those made by Arne Hovmand-Olsen, George Nelson and Niels Nisse Strinning are enduringly popular. In modern and mid-century homes, a traditional table will look out of place, but a sleek mid-century modern table fits in perfectly with existing furniture and decor. Whether you have a small or multifunctional home office space, choosing the right mid-century modern desk is even more important to match your existing style.

9 Stylish Mid Century Wall Desk Design Ideas 1

Outfitting your home office with a mid-century-style desk is a great way to add style and function to your workspace. A desk might not be your first thought when you think of stylish home furniture, but a contemporary designer’s collection of mid-century desks might change your mind. Browse our collection of modern desks and modern office chairs for a full range of home office furniture designed to help you get through the workday.

9 Stylish Mid Century Wall Desk Design Ideas 1

Options like mid-century tables tend to offer some storage space while still maintaining an elegant style, but drawer tables are also a great option for minimalists in the shower. Tower tables are ideal for storing small items such as pens, pencils, paper clips, etc.

9 Stylish Mid Century Wall Desk Design Ideas 2

Above the desk, you can find additional space in a wardrobe with a double sliding door. This smart storage solution can be placed on a tabletop, in a drawer or mounted on a wall. In addition to this workstation, it also has one drawer and a double sliding door cabinet on top for even more storage space.

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It’s the perfect height with ample legroom underneath this streamlined desk for 5 7. This rectangular desk offers plenty of comfortable workspace and depth to hold an LCD monitor and keyboard without taking up a small porch. The open base offers plenty of knee room, making this rectangular table a pleasure to sit on.

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Purchased with a matching chest to create a home office on a small porch. Crafted from solid mango wood, this rectangular writing desk features antique gold inlays and drawer handles for a vintage feel. This streamlined table frame is crafted from solid rubber and faux wood with acacia veneer.

It’s all wrapped up in a design that can be original through the mid-20th century. Every item looks homey in the office, but looks just as good in the bedroom as in the living room, it can be more than just a computer desk. Look for pieces with gold detailing for a chic, sophisticated piece, or opt for a mixed-material desk for a bold yet balanced mid-century look.

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Once you have decided on the table type, you can start looking for options. If you are unsure of your ability to choose the right table, ask someone else for advice. Even professionals can benefit from learning about the different types of tables. No matter what type of table you end up choosing, it will perform its intended function just fine.

Remember that no matter what type of desk you choose, it should fit comfortably within your budget. This writing desk is space-saving, practical and elegant, perfect for anyone who needs to find a place to work in a guest room or bedroom. I have a place for it in my library, although there’s a drinks cart right now, so it might be a tough choice. There are countless ways to install shelves, so it’s up to you whether you want to include a table or just shelves.

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Two sets of drawers are accessible through handles located at the front edge of the table. Desk with Drawers − This type of desk has two sets of drawers under the top shelf. Lazy Susan. This type of table is equipped with a lazy susan mechanism where the user rotates the entire disk to access the contents of the drawer below.

Tower Table – This type of table includes multiple shelves along each side of the table. Roll Top Table – This type of table consists of a rotating top section with storage compartments. Wall table. Wall tables are designed to be attached directly to walls using wall brackets. Most wall tables are freestanding units while others are built into furniture.

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2 sections of the table are not permanently fixed, which is both good and bad. Use a 1/4″ drill bit to drill through all the marked spots on the wall.

It is highly recommended that you use the anti-tip kit (included) to protect your furniture from tipping over. Rated 5 out of 5 by Rachelle S for the perfect contemporary Love Allen 40” Wall Desk. Now this table reminds me of an article I wrote when the blog was young about an older rock star and a similar type of shelf about an older rock star.

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