9 Stylish Mudroom Tile Floor Ideas

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Non-porosity and durability make tile one of the best entry materials. Porcelain and tile are one of the best hallway flooring options that will last for years while still being as stylish as everything else in your home. When it comes to laying, tile can be used to cover any imperfections in a dirty floor, and a smooth subfloor is not required.

Geometric patterned ceramic, concrete and porcelain stoneware tiles create a beautiful and practical hallway floor. Whether you choose porcelain, ceramic, or concrete, keep in mind that patterned tile can add a dynamic touch to an entryway just like a hallway. This European pattern tile adds interest and prestige to a regular floor plan in your entryway or foyer. Roll out your version of the red carpet to greet guests with a gorgeous patterned tile floor – this gorgeous black and white marble hexagonal pattern is not only stunning, but can withstand foot traffic in and out of your room.

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This entryway floor tile has it all; wood-effect marble tiles and Thassos insert for a surprisingly chic floral design. The bohemian entryway designers used durable yet stylishly dignified equatorial marble and Thassos marble floor tiles with a stunning geometric pattern. Featuring wood flooring and white tile, this laundry-mud room space is stunning (Maghrib).

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This entryway uses white porcelain stoneware hexagon tiles to create an aged wood look that blends in perfectly with the space. Antique Wood Look (Retro Blanco Hex) porcelain stoneware floor tiles create a rustic-approved design in this residential entryway. These large format hexagon tiles give this hallway a rugged yet elegant look that leaves a lasting impression.

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Square tile creates an inspiring multicolor design in this home entryway that gives way to the contemporary style of a classic wood floor. Elegant patterned marble floor tile (Fiore 15) creates a luxurious entry/entrance area in this residence. A tiled floor is perfect for any size entryway, whether it’s a large foyer or a small hallway.

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This flooring is inexpensive and easy to maintain, perfect for any hallway. Parquet flooring, although very durable and beautiful, is not the best option for a hallway.

Even the best hardwood floors will look rough after a few years (or months) in a hallway, so it’s best to save them and install them elsewhere in your home. Because hallway flooring tends to get wet (really wet), choosing this type of flooring might make you want to install just about any other option available.

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Porcelain is the perfect choice for flooring if your entryway is constantly exposed to humidity due to very cold weather. Tile also absorbs very little moisture, so if your entrance will be exposed to extreme heat and cold because of your climate, tile is a good choice. Tile is durable enough to withstand everyday use, making it ideal for high-traffic areas such as entryways. Tile is a durable, beautiful, and moisture-resistant flooring option, making it perfect for hallways.

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You can also find porcelain tile in a variety of finishes, styles, and sizes, and it can match any hallway design, be it traditional, rustic, modern, transitional, or contemporary. Vinyl floor tiles can also be used as slate, especially if you want something unique and energy efficient or your own entryway.

Whether you prefer stone or hardwood, the latest vinyl products can mimic both styles with colors that will appeal to everyone who enters your home. While tile has been a popular flooring material for millennia, modern technology offers more color, effect and finish options than ever before. Modern ceramic tile floors can mimic the look of wood, slate, stone, and many other materials.

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“We chose slate-like porcelain stoneware for the floor of this hallway,” explains Michelle Lisac, founder and chief designer of Michelle Lisac Interior Design. For the floor, contrast the stylized look of the walls with a more natural material. Take a more sophisticated approach to hallways with slate-patterned floor tiles that add a fusion of autumnal hues; bright orange, warm beige and cool gray in an intertwining design.

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Not only does the intricate pattern lend a mid-century modern charm that allows the rest of the space to remain minimal and chic, but neutral floor tiles are a great choice when you’re chasing dirt and grime outside. Near-black large-format tiles complement the dark wood furnishings, while the dark grout of the subway-style tile provides a link to the floor’s brick pattern. Lay out black and white floor tiles diagonally in a small hallway and not only will you get a solid floor, but it will also make the space look bigger than it really is, drawing attention to it.

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With Taupe Brickstone porcelain stoneware laid in an attractive herringbone pattern, the entryway can become a favorite room in this home. This rustic entryway gets much of its charm from Sage Sierra wood effect porcelain stoneware. Boldness meets beauty in this Cherry Blossom (Kasai Notte Sakura) hallway floor tile design.

As with hallway tiles, you have a wide variety of tiles to choose from, including porcelain stoneware, ceramic (but always double check if the tile you fall in love with is suitable for floors, not just walls), natural stone, including slate and specific. There are two types of rubber flooring on the market that you can use for your hallway, namely rubber tile and rubber mat.

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