9 White Kitchen Design Ideas With Gold Accents

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If you’re not ready for an all-white kitchen with gold accents, try this approach to kitchens by adding some natural wood and black trim. Since a gold faucet pairs best with a white kitchen, it won’t be hard for you to find the right style.

A common trend we see everywhere is brass and gold accents in the kitchen. The accents of gold hardware in this kitchen design are deliberately spaced to perfectly complement the bright white finish. This kitchen features a wide white canvas for glossy gold accents in both hardware and lighting. The combination of white kitchen cabinets and gold hardware offers versatility and creativity for your customers’ kitchen personality and style.

9 White Kitchen Design Ideas With Gold Accents 1

The brushed gold hardware on these white kitchen cabinets echoes the vintage gold lamps but adds a modern touch. A matte gold kitchen faucet adds another touch of gold accent. The kitchen includes splashes of gold found in lighting, equipment and accessories.

The kitchen faucet and light above the sink have a matte gold finish that complements the structure of the stainless steel appliances. With Accented, black stainless steel appliances work well with other metallic finishes in kitchen design, including the stainless steel hob and microwave drawer. The kitchen above has plenty of brass accents that work well together.

9 White Kitchen Design Ideas With Gold Accents 1

This kitchen design also features an antique brass and gold open shelf to store elegant white porcelain tableware. The impressive double island kitchen is sure to be a chic space perfect for entertaining and fine dining. As a continuation of the interior, the kitchen is bright and spacious. In addition to being a blank canvas for experimenting with different decor styles, the all-white kitchen feels open and airy, making small spaces feel expansive.

9 White Kitchen Design Ideas With Gold Accents 1

This casual gold and white kitchen features rustic reclaimed wood accents and a retro black front. This warm and charming white shaker kitchen features pewter hardware with subtle gold accents. While luxurious, these interiors feature a muted white color scheme with earthy undertones.

You can create your own luxurious interior with quality white furniture and supportive gold accents. Along with the all-white palette, golden accents accentuate and define the interior. The natural tones complement the white and grey elements and enhance the look of the gold trim.

9 White Kitchen Design Ideas With Gold Accents 2

The balanced gold tone looks stunning when paired with white cabinets and marble countertops. Gold-plated shelves are just one of many gold-plated accents in the space. The side racks can also be a combination of metallic gold and white.

For those looking for a more muted white and gold kitchen, stick with brass fittings in cooler colors. Bronze, gold or brass hardware finishes add extraordinary luxury and glamour to a bright white kitchen.

9 White Kitchen Design Ideas With Gold Accents 2

Here is a combination of nine white and gold kitchen design ideas that your clients will love. If you need help visualizing your white and gold kitchen, Lily Ann Cabinets offers free 3D kitchen designs for your convenience. If you’re ready to take your white kitchen to the next level, read on to explore 15 unique white and gold kitchen design ideas. All-white kitchens are masterpieces of style waiting to be discovered, literally and figuratively, huge blank canvases to create a space for all your midnight cooking, entertaining and snacking needs.

9 White Kitchen Design Ideas With Gold Accents 3

If your clients are looking for elegance and luxury in their kitchen, gold is the answer: even Shaker-inspired white kitchen cabinets can get a premium look with the right gold hardware. That’s why some kitchen designers ask you to order gold hardware samples first to determine the best finish for your kitchen. If you already have a white kitchen but don’t want to replace all the appliances to add some gold, a pendant light is an easy and inexpensive way to do it.

9 White Kitchen Design Ideas With Gold Accents 4

From pretty pendants to trendy lamps, choose from gold, rose gold or metal decorative lights and give your kitchen a warm, summer-like feel. Here we take a look at recent Sweeten restorers who are decorating spaces with gold accents to add a touch of personality to their spaces. Today, interior design professionals choose to decorate many rooms of the home with gold accents, from living rooms and bedrooms to kitchens and bathrooms. The main idea behind adding gold accents to a white kitchen can enhance the effect of interior design themes.

9 White Kitchen Design Ideas With Gold Accents 5

The underside of the kitchen island’s black pendants add a golden touch to the accent. Stretching along with a chandelier with gold accents make the cabin even higher and more spacious. Gold-plated pulls and handles give the wardrobe a transitional look and a touch of glamour.

The heavy “golden” color of the brass highlights the other warm accents in the room, creating a warm and inviting vibe in this transitional style kitchen. Charred or blackened wood accents look chic and add a nice texture to this kitchen design showcase wall. Charred or blackened wood accents are becoming a popular trend for home accessories and we love bringing that look to the kitchen.

9 White Kitchen Design Ideas With Gold Accents 6

For example, this elegant kitchen dining space features four black velvet chairs with gold frames that contrast with bright white cabinets and a white backsplash. A kitchen with a white shaker cabinet fitted with polished bronze handles or knobs, a polished gold swivel faucet, and an ADA undermount sink can quickly grab anyone’s attention. Pair our Mars Gloss worktop with Milano Ultra Pencil cabinets for a trendy modern kitchen.

I chose white because our kitchen was small before the renovation and I wanted it to be bigger than choosing white furniture. A few months after we moved in, I decided to paint the oak cabinets white to spice up this little box kitchen. All rooms have nice finishes but were very popular when our house was built in the early 2000’s and I wanted a bright, white and neutral kitchen. Our kitchen is full of Southwestern flair, with rich blues complementing dark floors.

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