Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas

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Some homeowners spend a lot of time designing a full mid-century modern home, but if you just want the living room to look like this, you can do it with a few simple tricks. It’s no surprise that original mid-century modern design cues like minimalist and futuristic furniture are still relevant in today’s market when it comes to furnishing a mid-century modern living room.

Mid-Century Modern Style gives a modern twist to the traditional Mid-Century Modern look with brighter color palettes, lighter woods and practical, functional pieces designed for modern living. Armchairs, sofas and even cushions with leather upholstery will add a sophisticated element to your living room and help create a truly mid-century modern look.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas 1

Add a classic modern twist to your living room with contrasting grey and white velvet and leather sofas. Complement with bright rugs, leather sofas and tables to create the perfect combination. To bring this modern living room concept to life, place a velvet sofa, a linen rug, a metal floor lamp and a natural wood table in the same room. Combine natural wood trim with metal accents for a unique interior design.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas 1

An accent piece, like a tangerine sofa with bright blue cushions or a light green armchair set against a brown and beige color scheme, will give your living room the artistic look the intro is famous for. When you get to the stage of adding the finishing touches, place the plant in a pot in the corner of your living room to add a natural aesthetic that would pair perfectly with mid-century decor.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas 2

Since wood as a material used to make furniture is very often used to achieve mid-century modern design, interior designers always recommend a living room decorated in earthy tones. Symmetry in interior design is introduced to create balance and a sense of calm, perfect for expanding space in a mid-century modern living room.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas 3

Combined with other design styles, the Pure Mid-Century design can also create a very comfortable, child-friendly and very sophisticated living room. The 1950s and 1960s were a time of beautiful interiors, striking modern furniture and functional decor. In the 1950s, modern American homes were distinguished by their clean geometric shapes and patterned lines and the elegant aesthetic they created. Many mid-century decorating ideas revolved around earthy tones, but anyone who’s seen The Brady Family (or at least a still photo) knows that mid-century pops of vibrant color.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas 4

This style has existed since the middle of the 20th century. This iconic style combines comfort with contemporary design elements and a retro aesthetic. The tapered legs keep the design from looking too heavy, while the simple, modern silhouette allows for bold black and white patterns. The combination of wood finishes looks very bohemian, and bold shapes play with a modern vibe.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas 5

We complemented the bold modern shapes with organic finishes such as natural wood and textured upholstery. Room accessories like pampas grass in a vase and wall art on the beach add a bohemian-rustic vibe to make this modern living room feel like an oasis of calm. The combination of farmhouse elements such as rug, raw wood coffee table and reclaimed wood console makes modern living rooms organic and eclectic. Show off your fun side with this free-spirited living room trend that draws inspiration from the abstract expressionist art of the 1950s and 1960s, with bright wallpaper ideas, bold geometry, cutouts and playful color blocks.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas 6

Look for rugs, pillows, and wall decorations that incorporate intersecting lines and modular shapes to add some geometry to your space and define a mid-century look. Choose functional and flowing furniture and abstract prints based on natural forms, rediscovered and reimagined for contemporary interiors and lifestyles. When thinking about mid-century living room ideas, know that you can choose furniture and designs in all colors, from neutrals to bold ones; from pastel to precious tones; simple design and color schemes in bright colors or black and white graphic palettes. Mid-century living rooms are very fond
of symmetrical layouts that complement the clean, angular lines of the furniture, although you can definitely take a more casual approach to the layout.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas 7

Mid-century living room designs look cool and feel textured at times, and when you look at a stylish sofa, you might not find it very comfortable (though likely). A dark room looks unappealing, and if you stick to traditional mid-century modern colors in a room that doesn’t have much natural light, you’re definitely running the risk of making the room too dark. While we might all love having a wall with windows, like in this living room, you can replicate the natural light in the room, no matter how much, and decorate it with brighter colors (angled with yellows and oranges). Even paint the walls white to bring in as much light as possible. When designing a living room, installing wall panels horizontally will make the room appear
wider or longer, perfect for small spaces.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas 8

The sofa in this living room is square and clean in classic mid-century style, but the tufting makes it a bit more inviting and pairs well with cozy pillows and a soft duvet. This living room pairs well with a few patterned pillows, a whimsical rug, art pieces pointing in opposite directions, and angled lines on the sofa. This style looks great in a variety of fabrics and finishes, and the clean lines are eye-catching yet versatile enough to work in any contemporary living room. We wanted this modern living room to have a little more glamour, so look for golden touches and luxurious materials like a leather ottoman and fur rug – this combination of elements makes it truly unique and cozy.

An all-white modern and minimalist interior is an easy choice to make a room feel more spacious. If you like the 1960s Mad Men and New Wave movies, you’ll love these gorgeous mid-mod spaces.

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